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Zorn Out In Baltimore


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Ravens Fire Zorn as QB Coach

I really hate to see this. He was overmatched as a head coach, no doubt, but I had hoped he would do well in Baltimore when back as a position, something he seemed pretty darn good at in Seattle. Guess a guy who coaches the West Coast system is not suited to coach under an OC running more of a Gibbs style system.
I never understood why some thought he was a good QB coach. His resume was weak, and he never impressed enough to ever be interviewed by anyone but Snyder.

I made a thread years ago on another site documenting his QB coaching resume when he was hired in DC. His resume was hollow at best. I believe he hit on 1 out of 13 QBs. And he never got promoted from that position. Even Seattle seemed content to just let him walk.

People went crazy because I said he wasn't even a good QB coach, and would therefore likely be a disaster as either an OC or a HC. lol

He seems like a very nice guy, but he always reminded me of Spicoli from the first time I saw him interviewed. Hopefully he can land on his feet--he might excel at a collegiate program.
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What's it say when you can't even be QB coach on another team? Guess BAltimore wasn't Zorny either
Spicoli, nice. Heh heh.

I think we all desperately wanted to believe in Zorn, and thus were willing to overlook his resume flaws. We wanted to believe Snyder had learned his lesson while with Gibbs and was only going to hire qualified people.

So, yeah.
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Well the Titans need a new coach, plus maybe he can fix Vince Young. Maybe he will even trade us for Haynesworth! :)
Did Flacco really have that bad a season?
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Flacco would have been good enough to win on a Gibb's coached team, but not with Harbough/Cameron. I think Zorny is just the scapegoat. If the Balto. offense doesn't produce any better than it did this year, Cameron should be gone.
He seems like a very nice guy, but he always reminded me of Spicoli from the first time I saw him interviewed.

Too funny!

I picture Zorn talking to Campbell on the headset beating his forehead with a shoe....

Zorn: Jason...hear that??

JC: Yeah?

Zorn: That was my skull!! I'm sooo wasted!!!
Well, his numbers look pretty good to me.

93.6 passer rating ... 25 TDs, 10 INTs, 3600 yards .... It just seems kinda weird.
The story out of Baltimore now is that Zorn was insubordinate.

Having a hard time buying that one.
The story out of Baltimore now is that Zorn was insubordinate.

Having a hard time buying that one.

That's the story I saw. I wonder how much of what he went through with Snyder may have jaded him toward authority. Maybe he became more confrontational after his experience here.

I also have a lot of my friend's who are Ravens fans calling for Cam Cameron's head! I watched a fair number of Raven's games this year and it looked liked Flacco was a better QB than he was the previous year.
I read somewhere they didn't like his teaching methods. You knew he was off the wall when you hired him, why get mad about it now?
Just saw a report on PFT that Harbaugh called Florio and told him that the Baltimore Sun report (subsequently Florio's report since we all know Florio simply uses others' stories as his own) is inaccurate. Harbaugh would not expand that statement.
Got to agree with Billfish...sounds like they were looking for a scapegoat to me as well. It may be simpler in that they wanted someone else last season in that role, and that individual just came available.

Too bad - Zorn is a great guy and I'm betting he did a great job with Flacco (the #'s support that assumption). Would be interested to hear how Flacco felt about this, whether he helped drive the decision or not...
Boone, I have read that Flacco reportedly supported keeping Zorn on and lobbied hard for it but lost out to Cameron.
Yep, for what it's worth, I've heard the same thing othe radio yesterday. Flacco apparently loved Zorn and wanted to keep him, but Cameron wanted m replaced.
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Cameron is no one to hang your hat on.

This is the guy that was 1-15 in Miami and couldn't figure out Step 1 in trying to rebuild.

He has bounced around the NFL often holding onto the coattails of Norv Turner.

Surprise there, huh? :laugh:

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