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Zorn doesn't play by conventional rules


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Jul 16, 2009
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Jim Zorn is sitting in the office that Joe Gibbs built, next to a leather couch that the legendary coach used to fold out and sleep on between Super Bowl strategy sessions. Zorn is talking about flattops. Not just any old flattop, a 3½-inch, did-you-see-that-guy's-hair kind of 'do. Zorn reaches in his desk and pulls out a trading card of a cartoon character to show what his hair used to look like 20 years ago, when he went to his first coaching convention.

his offense looked pretty conventional last season :(

Maybe, but as you said in another thread, his QB isn't surrounded by Pro-Bowler's either - so part of that conventional may have been out of necessity and by design, no?

I still think Zorn's brewing some coffee here... I hope we get the chance to taste it before we go back to the instant :)
I liked how early in the season Zorn went for it on 4th downs instead of punting and forcing the D to save the day.

Early in the season, Zorn seemed more aggressive in his offensive attacks. As the season progressed, things started to look predictable.
I was thinking about this the other day. Zorn did get very basic last year. I think he pulled back because he knew the team just wasn't getting some of the basics correct, while they may get lucky and execute something correctly, their consistency was off. Also Zorn learned a valuable lesson last season, even though he may be correct to call out the players on their execution, no one likes being told their screwing up when they are trying hard. Which I think part of the CP blow up was, CP is the voice of the team, and when he speaks it's more an extrapolated view of the mentality in the locker room. That's why CP isn't considered a cancer, because the locker room supports him when he speaks, in most cases. Zorn needed to learn the hard way how to work with personalities as well as get the best out of his team.

So I feel like he gave them the core of what they needed. Learn where they needed to improve and spend the rest of the season getting the basics down when the bullets were flying. Now coming into the season, they should be pretty solid on the basics, that makes it easier for him to feed them new information, because they are able to apply it to their already matured basic knowledge as well.

Some people may say that he should have given them more of the advanced stuff in game situations so that they'd know how to react, but he gave them too much already and they struggled with it. Why give them more **** to screw up, and for our opponents to have tape on?

This year, the offense should have the basics down, and when they implement the new stuff, teams wont be expecting it, because they haven't seen it. Giving us an advantage. I get the feeling we're going to see more big plays this year, and when the big plays aren't there, we know enough of the basics to execute that as well.

I hate getting optimistic this early in the season, but I think that something good may happen this year.
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It may be common thinking that both zorn and campbell started playing it safe more and more as the season went on but honestly think it was the lack of plays, playbook, and knowledge of the offense that hampered both Zorn and Campbell. The 2nd rounders and the oline should dictate the entire year. If they have picked up the offense we won't fade after defenses learn our base offense. We could start hot out the box again if the playbook gets some love from zorn and co. If not, anything could happen right?
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Well, the Skins have said (Campbell and Zorn) that they've put in more than double the passing plays in OTAs than they had all last year.....it was something like that.

Hopefully that means the predictability factor will be waaay down this year.

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