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Your Most Intriguing Playoff Matchup

Fear The Spear

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Sep 28, 2010
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What potential playoff matchups most intrigue you, or contain the best storyline ? Either within the NFC, within the AFC, or Super Bowl matchup ?

Again, this is potential - doesn't have to be currently scheduled. For example : Indy vs Denver, for a Luck vs Manning matchup. Who would you like to see win that one, and why ?

Any others ? (Besides, of course, a Luck vs RG3 Super Bowl)
I would pee myself if we beat the 'Hawks who I hate, and then beat the Pats in the SB. You all might not see me for a month if that happened. I hate Belicheat.

Aside from that, I guess Manning/Luck and Manning/Brady would be kinda cool.
In the AFC, Brady/Manning is the only matchup worth watching. Provided Peyton comes out on top that is.

In the NFC, us. Period.
I'm excited to watch Indy at Baltimore this weekend. I think Ray is going to lead their defense to a pure beatdown on Luck and company.
Washington vs. San Francisco. It's time to dig those old those nostalgic scenes from the 80s.

Denver vs. Indy, sure.

Washington vs. Indy: Luck vs. Griffin. Garcon plays against his old team.

Washington vs. Denver: Shanahan faces his old team. One of the best ever faces a qb who could surpass him. Oh, and say hi to Champ.
Baltimore vs San Fransisco

Hasn't been mentioned, at least not in this thread - but we could very likely see 2 brothers face each other in the Super Bowl, Harbaugh vs Harbaugh. I guess that would be a first ?

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