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Your Honest Opinion: CB situation/Deangelo Hall?

Dead Money

, Mike Wise HATE'r
Jul 25, 2009
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So ok I'll go first... Useless. Big mouth. Overrated. Not good for a young locker room. Never saw a microphone he didn't want to fellate. Whatever was there is washed up. He seemed hungry coming over from the Oakland debacle, that looks to be gone, way gone.

He recently seems to have tried to put on this humble pie face.... I don't buy it. Hinting that his struggles are coaching related in the media ("I been to 4 probowls") have me thinking that again in 2012 we will be looking to do something at the CB spot. Wilson struggles, but Hall is just plain bad in this scheme.

I feel like he tries so hard to be the face of the defense on camera it makes me sick. I would much rather he adopt the Landry approach, you know it goes like this:

"I have talent, I can play good but I'm not nearly as awesome as my mouth wants me to be so I got nuthin to say"

Barnes not improving has got me a little worried about where we go from here. We have a lot of draft needs and have spent a lot of draft pics on our secondary in recent years. A plug and play vet free agent seems like a smarter play then trying to develop late round picks this particular year no?

Are there any CBs out there you would like to see in the B&G so some more dead weight can be tossed over in this rebuilding effort?

I'm not talking any big name splashes either. I'm talking solid under the radar guys.
Too may big time receivers in the NFCE not to make this a priority, although we have many others.

What say you?
Every time there was some sort of fracas against the 49ers, D. Hall was right in the middle of it. After every play he "made" also, you could see him chirping about it. At this point, I'm tired of his antics, and wish the Skins would cut bait this off season. At least last season he made a positive impact at times with his play - this year we aren't even getting that.
Would be nice to see what our guys could do on D with a 14 point lead, instead of being down by that much, early and often. Changes things when everybody knows that our offense, (how can I put this nicely) struggles, to put points on the board with any regularity.

I don't think D-Hall is playing any worse than Landry, Injurwe, or anyone else on defense. In another world, his forced fumble against the 9er's might have led to a win, and we'd be singing his praises.
It's hard for me to complain about anything on the defense right now. Are there areas we could improve? Absolutely. Do I think if we had an offense that could score 24 points or atleast get us a lead that the defense would be even better? Absolutely.

Ok I LOL'd.

I hear ya about playing from behind, but that's not going to go away overnight. He's clearly on the decline and the extra baggage lanky speaks of makes him so expendable in my eyes.

5 passes defensed and 1 INT this yr? They throw at him all the time... His passes defensed is less than 1/3 of his last yrs total of 16 . Found this about CB play in 2010. Wish I could find something similar for 2011 but its not standard to track this stuff I guess.


Bottom 10 Cornerbacks in Success Rate, 2010 : #2
Bottom 10 Cornerbacks in Yards per Pass, 2010: #3
Bottom 10 Cornerbacks in YAC Allowed, 2010: #3
Dead Money suffices!

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