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Your chance to predict the future


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Jul 15, 2009
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Who will be the coach of the 2010 Washington Redskins.
If Zorn doesn't turn it around, I'd have to think Snyder would throw the biggest $$ ever seen at Bill Cowher. Now whether Cowher would consider working for Little Nicky, I don't know...

But that would be my best guess.
I laughed when I read your post but it's not funny. Zorn is NOT impressing me at all here.

I thought Campbell played a lot better today, especially in the first half. He made plays with his legs and took what the defense gave him. Why didn't Zorn give him a chance to throw more in the red zone? Who knows?

Did anyone else hear the exchange between Sonny and Zorn in the locker room? Sonny asked him about the halfback throw in the red zone. Sonny challenged the play and said if that play would have come in he would have called time out and come to the sideline to ask Zorn about the play. He said he'd say something like “You pay me to throw the ball, let me throw the ball.” Zorn said he would have benched him if he challenged his play call like that. Everyone around them laughed it off but I wasn't laughing and neither was Sonny.

A win is a win and we'll all take it, but this win doesn't give me any warm fuzzy. We had a bad team, at home and managed to win a 2 point squeaker. From the 20 to the 20 the play calling was better than last week. What gives with the red zone play calling? The second guessing is going to be a lot milder this week than if we had lost, but this isn't going to get it done against a good team. The Rams will probably win 4 or 5 ball games max this season. That's hardly the measuring stick I want us to use.

The defense played well. They were getting after the QB today. Still, it's the Rams and they are not a great team by anyone's standard. I don't want to be a wet blanket in regard to the defense but they should have looked good today. This is clearly going to be the strength of the team.

To answer your question......Cowher.

Little Nicky -LOL
I laughed when I read your post but it's not funny. Zorn is NOT impressing me at all here.

Today convinced me that the Zorn experiment is over.

Folks want to say that JC doesn't have 'it'. Today Zorn convinced me that he doesn't either.

I am tired, sick and tired, of being able to call the plays correctly (more often than not) based solely on down, distance, and field position. If I can do it surely the professionals on the other sideline and in the coaching box can. In the red zone it's as if the Gibbs philosophy is being channeled.

It didn't work then, it's not working now.

Enough is enough.

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