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Yeah, this is why we like our QB

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Not wanting to talk to McChunky is just another great reason to love our QB. And we need a positive thread for him at this time!!! :)

RG3: I don?t think McNabb is an idiot, but it?s best we don?t talk | ProFootballTalk

RG3: I don’t think McNabb is an idiot, but it’s best we don’t talk
Posted by Michael David Smith on August 13, 2013, 9:12 AM EDT

Former Washington quarterback Donovan McNabb offered this offseason to have a sit-down with current Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III to advise the youngster on how to succeed in the NFL, on and off the field. Griffin declined.

Griffin discussed the situation with GQ, saying that he doesn’t have anything against McNabb, but that he thinks it would be better to keep his distance.

“I don’t think Donovan is an idiot by any means,” he told me. “But right now, it’s probably best we don’t talk.”

I’m not sure who suggested that McNabb is an idiot or why Griffin felt the need to make clear that he doesn’t consider McNabb an idiot, but it’s easy to see why Griffin would rather stay away from McNabb: When McNabb left Washington, he did so on bad terms with coach Mike Shanahan, and he did so as an unpopular man with the team’s fans. McNabb had a lot of success earlier in his NFL career, but his year in Washington was a mess, and it was the kind of mess Griffin is wise to avoid.
PFT comments always provide a good chuckle now and then. Here is a classic from this RG3 article:

wethog66 says: Aug 13, 2013 9:37 AM

The definition of a “classy team” is one that was stolen from Cleveland and was renamed after a poem written by a drunk that married his 13 year old Cousin. Got it.


FYI, here is the original article in GQ:

Robert Griffin III GQ Cover Story - September 2013

Thats RG3 throwing the "Idiot" word out there when he wasn't even asked. Basically, he's probably heard it 1000x from the Shanahans and already knows that he has nothing to learn from MCNugget.
Cooley and Czabe did a segment on play calling , Cooley makes the call (as if in the huddle), Czabe tries to replicate and misses, McNabb gets mentioned, the wrist band gets mentioned...chuckles all around.

Will have to dig it up later, not in the ESPN980 audio vault yet
I don't like McNabb, but that wasn't the right thing to say. There's no way Griffin should be disrespecting him like that, and he should have just kept his mouth shut.

I think we're creating a monster.
The monster is McNabb.
McNabb's overtures are probably out of concern for Griffin. But that concern is borne out of a biased paradigm in which McNabb believes that the Shanahan's actions are wrong in some way. Griffin likely suspects that whatever McNabb is trying to educate him about is not really an issue, although he does not consider McNabb stupid. I don't know what actual adjective Griffin would use to describe McNabb, but perhaps misguided is as good a guess as any.
I think there's no Monster Terry, same guy just one that had a bunch of snippets from a magazine article no one's seen yet taken and run with. Wehave no idea what context the idiot commetn came from I'd bet it was phrased that was as a question and he just responded.

Anyway, for proper perspective we get this...

Laces Out ? NFL on FOX Blog

By Ross Jones, FOXSports.com

One of the most rewarding parts of training camp for fans is the access that they have with NFL players. Superstar athletes, typically, spend time after practice mingling with fans and autographing anything from footballs to memorable photos and now … prosthetic legs?

That was the case at Redskins camp when quarterback Robert Griffin III met 13-year-old fan Rico Felix, who has a special tribute to his favorite player on his prosthesis.

“I’m speechless…I don’t know what I can say about that, except that it’s an honor,” Griffin said, according to an item on the Redskins’ official blog.

Felix spent the day at Redskins’ training camp with his mother, Michelle, on Wednesday to take in the sights and sounds of an NFL camp, while getting his leg signed by Griffin. Felix lost his right foot when he was born because his umbilical cord was wrapped around it rendering it useless, according to the blog.

As Felix continues to grow, he needs to have his prosthesis switched out. He decided to have the latest model designed with the Redskins QB’s face painted on it.

“He…he’s inspiring,” Felix said. “When he got his leg surgery, it reminded me of me. See, as I grow, my bone grows, so I have to have a surgery. But he inspired me to get back up on my feet after I had surgery.”

Felix got to spend a significant amount of time with players and coaches, but what meant the most was Griffin’s words before the two parted ways.

“We’re gonna do it this year,” Griffin said. “We’re gonna do it for you.”

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