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Sep 28, 2010
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I installed Yahoo Instant Messenger, and it gives you options during installation to add all the extras on the browser and the tool-bar. I UN-CHECKED ALL the options, making it absolutely sure it knew that I didn't want them. It installed the toolbar BS anyway. I went to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, and there was still some Yahoo programs listed, so I un-installed them. But the junk STILL shows up on my toolbar and browser.

Then I uninstalled Yahoo Instant Messenger completely, and it STILL hasn't gone away. So, as a last resort, I uninstalled my Firefox browser and reinstalled. Of course, the crap is still on my browser.

I'm convinced the only way to remove it, is for me to uninstall Firefox, and choose the option during uninstallation that says "Remove all custom data". I figured that was mainly for Bookmarks. But apparently it must be what's needed to get rid of this Yahoo B.S.

But I don't want to choose that option, because I have tons of bookmarks I don't want to get rid of. There may be a way of importing the bookmarks, but I'm scared I'll do it wrong, or it won't work, and I'll lose them all.

So it seems the only option is to copy and paste all the bookmarks to another location in the meantime, which is a HUGE pain in the ***, thanks to Yahoo's deceptive procedures. So **** You Yahoo and you're conniving, corrupt ways of sneaking and keeping unwanted programs on my computer.


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Jun 30, 2009
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I have YIM installed on everything (required for work but use it for all my personal Instant Messaging too) and don't have this issue. I have never had the "extras" show up when unchecking them, and I always uncheck them.

Did you maybe install/update something else at the same time? Adobe Reader maybe? It has been known to add stuff as well.

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