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WT: Haynesworth Rips Coaches

Lanky Livingston

Albert Haynesworth, the All-Pro defensive tackle who left Tennessee for a seven-year, $100 million contract with Washington during the first hours of free agency on Feb. 27, took shots at coach Jim Zorn and defensive coordinator Greg Blache after the Redskins were pummeled 45-12 by the Giants last night.

First, Haynesworth questioned the 4-10 Redskins’ sense of direction, a knock at Zorn, who’s expected to be fired after the final two games of the season if not beforehand.

“I don’t think this team is that bad,” Haynesworth said. “Players ain’t that bad. The score, the record say that we’re horrible, but I’ve been around these guys a lot. I think they know how to play football. I just think we’re all going in different directions and we need somebody to lead us in the right direction. You can take that however you want to.”

So when should owner Dan Snyder and newly-minted general manager Bruce Allen start making those changes, Albert?

“I don’t know about this week, but I’m sure there’ll be changes in the future,” Haynesworth said. “I don’t want to say anything too negative. I’m not looking to cause any more trouble or stir up any more mess than what there already is. I like the guys and Dan’s been great. I know this is a great organization and we can bounce back.”

Notice that Haynesworth didn’t say anything about the coaches being great.

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The most frustrating part about this entire season, and really the entire Blache regime:

“It’s very frustrating coming from Tennessee, going 10-0 … [where] I kinda had the freedom to rush and get upfield and to pressure the quarterback,” Haynesworth said. “It’s totally different than what I thought here. If they’d let us loose, it’d be a whole lot better. [At Tennessee] I just rushed and they let me go and we won a bunch of games and we was up there in the top two or three on defense and sacks. [Titans defensive coordinator Jim] Schwartz got a head coaching job from it. Maybe we need to try that here.”

I like Fat Al. I really do. He's definately helped out both the line and the sack total of Rak and Carter.

That said, I hope someone goes to him as soon as the last game is over and says something in the neighborhood of

"This summer, we need to see you in the gym. Hard. And daily. We're paying you an assload of money to be on the field, and that hasn't happened much. Gym. Hard. Daily."
Yeah, I really hope he comes to camp in shape next year. That was the knock on him all along, that once he got the huge contract, he wasn't going to train quite as hard. It definitely shows in the amount of time he's spent on the field. Sigh.
Well agree with the coaches comment.

But if we're spreading the blame.....Albert needs to get on a treadmill ASAP.
His lack shape or ability to be in there in key situations isn't worth his contract.
If London Fletcher can play almost every snap, there's no excuse that Haynesworth should be in there at least 70% of the time. I sure don't think he is.

Plus, the flopping which is every game is highly annoying to watch, especially when we're talking about a guy that's supposed strike fear in the opponent yet he starts flailing about when he gets a boo boo.
You contrast the two different approaches the defenses took last night. Blache took the approach of - we're going to hang back and make you work your way down the field. Classic bend but don't break. We don't think you can keep your patience and execute long drives and end them in scores. In Blache's defense, it's the same strategy that he has employed against the Giants in the three previous games against them, and while the Giant offense has been able to move the ball, they haven't lit up the scoreboard. With a competent offense, this approach could keep a game close. Of course, the Giants actually got TDs last night, instead of the FGs they had gotten before.

Now, contrast this approach with the one taken by the Giants on defense. They basically said, well, we're down in the secondary and won't be able to cover long. So, screw worrying about coverage, we're going balls out after the ball. Press coverage. Force quick throws into small windows. Drew Brees or Peyton Manning would have eaten this defense alive, quite possibly setting the single-game scoring record. But Jason Campbell running the Zorn offense? It's exactly the defense every team should play against it.

The Giants D played a boom or bust type game, while the Redskins went on the theory that the Giants wouldn't be able to execute well enough to put the game out of reach. Both can work, but I know the approach I'd rather take.
Greg Blache,, the fixer of all things not broken.

Get this clown outta town. And stick Jerry Gray in his suitcase.

I'm with Bang - Blache can't be shown the door soon enough.

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