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WPC: Weeding out the Suckers - Carolina style please



Weeding out the suckers – Carolina style please

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

The Redskins went to Carolina and for most of the game looked like they were going to win.

They jumped out to an early lead after a turnover. For once they had a lead at the half. In the third quarter they started out sharp. Another turnover, and then a score. They built a 15-point lead with plenty of time. And we started to think that maybe, 20 or more points was achievable.

But then, they did not do a damn thing else. They did not generate enough offense to score more. And they didn’t have enough defense to make a stop when it counted.

And there was one bad bounce. Really bad.

But all that is done. They lost another game to a winless team and we are left to sort it out. It is again time to separate the wheat from the chaff; the good from the bad.

Albert Haynesworth – Hot

If you want to see why the Redskins guaranteed Haynesworth 41 million, spend some time isolating on him. He is darn near unstoppable one-on-one. On the very first offensive play of the game, Haynesworth blows by his man and ends up four-yards in the backfield, cutting off the runner and allowing the rest of the defense to catch up, to include Kedric Golston, who forced the fumble, which Haynesworth fell on. Haynesworth spent the better part of his day beating the left guard, and is a major reason the Panthers were limited to just 86 yards rushing. He was also a factor in the fourth down stop at the goal line, sliding down the line help slow up the runner.

Head Coach Jim Zorn’s coaching career in Washington – Not

Let’s face it, Zorn had enough trouble coming in. What with an offense arguably worse than last year, a “consultant” lurking, and reports that Dan Snyder is again courting Mike Shanahan. But to lose to a winless team, after being up 15 points in the second half, while managing to only generate 198 total net yards, is one way to get a one-way ticket out of town. Zorn knows football and offense like nobody’s business. The problem though, Zorn appears to lack a key ingredient to successful coaching; leadership. Zorn has mastered staying medium. His players need him to get hot.

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Well said. My only question is do we really know if Zorn is or could be decent coach? I'm not drunk, but hear me out.

I don't Zorn is the motivator that Gibbs was. However I do look at the hand he was dealt. There is the OL that we knew was train wreck waiting to happen. Zorn has the title of HC, but I feel he doesn't have the authority. To many players have Snyder's ear. Snyder can be buddies with them and at same time stand behind his Coach. Zorn hasn't had a GM to help build a strong team.

Sure Snyder is willing to spend money...is in the right places?
I think if the organization around him was stronger and the players in place already Zorn might be a decent coach. Of course we know that’s not the case here. He’s definitely not strong enough to get it done on his own. I think few coaches would be.

Not to take anything away from Tomlin in Pittsburgh but the cupboard wasn’t exactly bare when he took over. He’s been able to keep the ball rolling for the most part but I don’t know if you could call him a great coach at this point. Maybe he is maybe he isn’t. He has a ring so that counts for something. He has a good organization behind him which might count for even more.
He has a good organization behind him which might count for even more.

BINGO! We have a winner.

Snyder has hired all types of coaches. The one constant has been Cerrato and Snyder being too close to players.

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