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WPC: Weeding out the suckers – With a Big Apple on top



Weeding out the suckers – With a Big Apple on top

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

We came into this game thinking that if ever there was a time the Washington Redskins could get well against the New York Giants in New York, this was it. After all, New York was missing cornerbacks, have no real receiving threats, and the Redskins have a supposedly new and improved defense. Washington could get this one, we believed.

What the hell were we thinking?

The game was nowhere near as close as the score suggested. Being there, one got the sense that the Giants did as much as they felt they needed to in order to secure victory. When the Redskins made it close in the second half, the Giants did a little bit more to put it away.

Still, the news isn’t all bad, and there were stories to consider, positive and negative. Here follows a list of those who made a name for themselves in Sunday’s game.

London Fletcher – Hot

Fletcher had 11 tackles and 7 assists for a total of 18 combined tackles. That is about as impressive as it gets. Fetcher made plays all over the field. He went sideline to sideline and could even be seen making tackles downfield.

Fletcher showed again how good he is; one of the best on the team.

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Great article John.

I mostly agree with your assessment. I'd add in a couple of things though.

I would argue that Fletcher's hotness likely had as much to do with Haynesworth playing in front of him as anything else. Make no mistake about it, Fletcher is still a damn good player. However, anyone looking at Ray Lewis' dropoff for a few seasons in BMore after Siragusa retired will likely get to see the opposite happen with Fletcher playing behind Fat Albert.

Second, is Cooley. I commented on this in the game thread and I'd like to see if I'm the only one that thinks this. Cooley is a great player but he's had a flaw in his game from day one that he's never bothered to fix. That is, he carries the ball in the wrong arm way too often and it results in too many fumbles or near fumbles for him. Why on earth won't he fix this? :mad:

In any event, here's hoping both Zorn and JC can improve on what was IMHO a lousy performance by both of them. If they don't, I think it goes without saying that both of them will be looking for real estate agents come January.
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