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WPC: Weeding out the suckers – Kansas City Blues



Weeding out the suckers – Kansas City Blues

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

One day, Redskins’ fans will look back at these days and laugh.

Ok, not really.

The Washington Redskins showed Sunday that they are one of the worst teams in the league. Heck, even Oakland managed to beat a good Philadelphia team Sunday. Worse, there is no quarterback, or backup lineman coming in to save them.

But that is not stopping them from trying.

Sunday saw the insertion of Todd Collins at quarterback, and the end of head coach Jim Zorn as the primary play-caller in Washington. It also showed that they got some guys that can play defense.

And no matter how dark the forecast, there were some bright spots in addition to the failures.

Here we look at both.

Andre Carter – Hot

At five and a half sacks, Carter has already eclipsed last year’s total of four. He has four and a half in the last two games alone. And if he is smart, he will send a thank you card to Vinny Cerrato for getting Albert Haynesworth. With teams focusing on Haynesworth, and with Albert pushing back the pocket, Carter is able to beat one-on-one coverage to make sacks. Then there’s the fact that Carter had seven solo tackles in the game. Impressive.

Stephon Heyer – Not

Heyer looked like a New York subway turnstile Sunday, giving up sacks and committing false starts. The most egregious was allowing the inside move on the safety. We appreciate that Heyer had to switch to left tackle this week, but he continues to show that he probably would not be starting elsewhere in the league.

That being said, Heyer did make two key blocks on the Portis 78-yard run.

Clinton Portis – Hot

We know what you’re thinking; he lost the ball on the fumble and couldn’t get the ball in the end zone on the long run. But on the day Portis tops 100 yards for the first time this season, and has the longest run of his career, we celebrate his work. Portis always gets an A for effort, be it running, pass protection, or receiving (three for 15).

Jim Zorn Play Calling – Not (anymore)

Since mid-season 2008, it seems like defensive coordinators have had Zorn’s number. Beginning next week, they will have to contend with someone else. We just don’t know who that is yet. Following the game Sunday, Vinny Cerrato reportedly told Zorn he cares too much to allow him to keep calling plays.

“I want you to succeed,” Cerrato told Zorn. He then fired him as play caller.

Zorn reportedly replied that he didn’t disagree. He could have disagreed of course. He just would have had to do so from the unemployment line.

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