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WPC: Shanahan: Haynesworth not on the trade block



Shanahan: Haynesworth not on the trade block

Head coach Mike Shanahan dispelled any rumors of the Redskins trading Albert Haynesworth in the near future. Shanahan met with the media tonight to discuss the Trent Williams’ selection in the first round of the NFL draft. Following the formal press conference, Shanahan fielded questions from local the print media, who asked about the rumors that Albert Haynesworth will be traded.

“As I have said from day one,” said Shanahan. “People mention Haynesworth’s name. I’ve listened to it so many times. I would know if we’ve got him on the trade block. We don’t have him on the trade block. Does that mean we don’t listen to anything that would happen? No. But that would be us listening. I don’t anticipate him going anywhere, unless he doesn’t come to our camp. What I mean our camp is once we get started.

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I just could not see trading maybe the most dominating defensive player in the nfl for anything but a 1st and a 3rd rounder. I am looking forward to seeing him play DE next year.
OK, here's what I don't get. If Fat Al wasn't willing to play NT, why couldn't he play DE in a 3-4? I realize it's more run defense than he might want to play but couldn't that work with him splitting plays with Jarmon? He wouldn't need to feign injury as much and he'd get to be the highest paid situational pass rusher ever.
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I definitely do not see him getting traded now that the first day of the draft is over, unless someone blows us away with player trades, not draft picks.

You just don't give away one of the most dominant defensive players in the game for a 2nd or 3rd like the media is projecting.

If they traded him yesterday, they would have probably been after Dan Williams, but he is already off the board.
I think Shanny would turn him loose for a high 2nd round pick. I just don't think that is going to happen. Campbell could still be traded but that is probably a 4th or 5th round pick.

As far as where Haynesworth is playing, Haslett mentioned in an interview that he is going to move all along the D-line. So sometimes NT and sometimes DE.
I am beginning to wonder (and not for the first time) if most of this talk of Haynesworth being unhappy is just media talk and he is fine with what is happening as it has been laid out for him. Perhaps he just wants to do his own thing in the off season.

Now I am sure Shanny isn't thrilled that Al is doing his own thing. No doubt in my mind that those reports are correct. But he is also a businessman who gets value for his stuff when he moves it. Al is a valuable commodity in the NFL and easily worth more than the media projects us getting for him.

If he moves today, it won't be for just a 2nd round pick. Likely there will be a 2nd this year and something next year like a 3rd (to replace what we are losing on the McNabb deal) or some package of picks next year. No way Shanahan and Allen let Al go for less than 1st round value unless they get a package deal that ends up being multiple guys.
If that is the expectations of Shanahan and Allen then Big Al will be in a Redskins uniform next year.
I don't know whether it is true or not but last night there was talk that the Lions had offered the Redskins a #3 pick for Haynesworth but Washington wanted a #2 and was also concerned that Detroit would then select OT at #2 overall and there was no guarantee that they would not have taken Williams.

I believe Shanahan in one respect, namely that he was not going to give Haynesworth away for a #5 pick and then watch him go to another team and play at a pro bowl level to spite the Redskins and make us look foolish.
JLC was just on the NFL Network and said that Haynesworth will definitely be traded today. Maybe to the Titans for their 3rd. I think I will be extremely ticked if they only recieve a thrid in return.

He has been saying this for a week or two now...I wonder if he really knows anything.
JLC was just on the NFL Network and said that Haynesworth will definitely be traded today.
Just like how he said we'd definitely draft Eric Berry. :) JLC will able to add "Smoke Screen Pawn, Washington Redskins" to his resume after this weekend.

But I'm with you, I'd be pretty bummed too. I hope we don't trade him period, much less for a 3rd.
Yeah, JLC is not doing a good job so far on the NFL Network. They should have ponied up the money to keep Schefter.

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