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WPC: Ranking the players



Ranking the players
Quarterbacks, Running Backs, & Receivers

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

With three days until the next game, and training camp winding down, we thought we would kill some time with a game I like to call; 'ranking the players.’ This is where we take a look at of individual positions and order the players by things like ability, effectiveness, and potential, with the highest ranked player being considered the best overall.

We do this using a scientific methodology called; “because I said so.” In other words, this is a completely subjective exercise based on my observations. In this you may find something with which to disagree. I actually hope this is the case and you feel strongly enough about it to comment, or send me e-mails.

You know; the kind with videos of hot chicks attached.

I’ll qualify this in advance to say that this is meant to be a 'moment in time’ look at the positions. These are subject to change based on what we see moving forward.

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Well done, John. And way to hang it out there with your QB ranking ... that'll get 'em going. :)

In the short term, say 3-4 games, I might even agree with you. Over much more than that, however, and I think defenses would adjust to Todd's average arm strength and total lack of mobility and do what we saw Seattle do to him in the '07 playoffs: flood the short zones and come after him big time.

With no worries about him scrambling, defensive coordinators would give their boys the green light to get after him big time w/o too much concern about lane integrity or any of that other boring stuff you have to worry about with a strong-armed, mobile QB. Couple that with forcing him to wait on downfield stuff to develop because you've taken away the quick outlet stuff, and you might have a problem.

Admitted field vision and passiveness concerns aside, I still think Jason's arm strength and athlesticism provide a threat that defenses have to at least play honestly (in relative terms), which after a few weeks of film breakdown I'm not so sure Collins would.

Oh, and as to the Colt Brennan take, I have only one thing to say:

Colt Brennan – Sorry all you Chase Daniel apologists…ok I’ll stop now. Brennan has two things I like; spunk, moxy, and fire. I expect him to develop into a starting quarterback one day. Unfortunately, that day has not yet come. Brennan was a bit exposed in Baltimore trying to run the real offense.
Geez Henry, at least I tried to be subtle about it. :cool:
Geez Henry, at least I tried to be subtle about it. :cool:

That's the one thing I've always liked about you, Om; Your subtlety and tact.

EDIT: Man I'm like ten minutes late on the jokes all day today aren't I? :)
He needs to be a better holder-on-to-the-footballer runner. HA!

But I have a serious question. You say that Collins is a better QB then Campbell and that he took us to the playoffs..but could that just be because it was an Al Saunders system and Collins was so used to playing in it he just knew what to do? Or do you think he is that much better then Campbell?

thats my one question to you...lol

Good question, and last year I would have said yes. But so far this year, he seems much more comfortable in the offense.

My opinion is largely based on Collins' performance in a scrimmage and one preseason game. In camp you cannot really get a good feel for how they are doing as they are non-contact for the most part. For instance you don't know if the defender would have broken up the pass.

I also think he is a smarter quarterback in that he sees the field and can read the defenses better.

He is a lot slower, and that is a mark against.

I do think he has plenty of arm for the position.

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