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WPC: On deaf ears

It is done.




On deaf ears

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

In most any other town, a football team with a losing record and an offense ranked in the bottom third of the league would prompt a change at quarterback. It would at least be considered, if nothing else.

But not in Washington.

Rightly or wrongly, head coach Jim Zorn has decided Jason Campbell is his quarterback, come hell or high water.

The Redskins are 2-3. They have an offense ranked 23rd in the NFL, and 22nd in passing. They are near the bottom in scoring, resting at 27th. They average just 14.6 points per game.

Washington has given two winless teams; Detroit and Carolina, their first victories of the season. The two victories the Redskins have came against winless teams in St. Louis and Tampa Bay, and by a total of five points.

In the midst of this performance, fans are becoming increasingly critical of the offense, with quarterback Jason Campbell more and more the object of their ire. There have been calls on sports radio and the message boards for a change at quarterback. Former Redskins’ quarterback great, Sonny Jurgensen, said during the pregame last week that Washington would have won their first four games with Todd Collins at quarterback.

But Zorn has been steadfast is his endorsement of Campbell. He has never once considered a change at the position. Not following the 2-6 collapse during the last half of the season in 2008. Not even following the worst half Campbell has played professionally against Tampa Bay, where he lost the ball on a fumble and threw two interceptions, for a quarterback rating of 18.1 at the half.

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The Burgundy Ghost

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Jul 15, 2009
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The Shadows of the Unknown

Navy Salisbury

Not really defending Campbell here, but my guess is if you put most of the 31 other starters in this scheme with this patchwork O-line, an older banged up Portis and a WR corp that has Randel-El as the most effective player, not many of them would look much better.

If Colt wasn't on IR, I might be saying let him come in and try to make something happen.

The fact is that Jason if he had the right players around him would probably do reasonably well (like Mark Rypien or Doug Williams). The problem is that there is really no one on the offense (except Cooley) to give him the opportunity to make consistant plays and/or game changing plays.

He has to do that himself and I don't think Campbell is that guy who can take the team on his shoulders and carry them to victory.....Campbell can make plays with his feet, but rarely do we see any scrambling to make a great throw.

Collins played well in Saunder's system, can he do that with the WCO. ???
Even if he did that for 1 game, teams will figure him out......it's not hard. Just cover 2/3rds of the field and don't let a guy like Moss break a tackle. Keep an extra guy in and pressure Collins on every play. With this O-line, poor Collins would be knocked out by the 1st qtr.

So I think the Skins are pretty much stuck.

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