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WPC: Keys to Victory – Fast, Angry, and Ruthless



Keys to Victory – Fast, Angry, and Ruthless

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

The Redskins took their lumps in the season opener against New York. Frustrating was that the team climbed back in it after being down 17-0, only to have the Giants do just enough to secure the win. It is not that the game was a total beating. Rather, it was that Washington could not execute consistently enough in a good rhythm to score more points.

But that game is over and it is time to get ready for St Louis. There is an unwritten rule with this team that you live with the results of a game, good or bad, for only one day. Just 24 hours, and then you move on to the next one.

Still, there are lessons the team needs to take from Week 1; things they need to do differently to ensure a better outcome against the Rams.

Offense – Play Fast

Zorn has preached the importance of good tempo since he arrived in Washington. Often in practice you can hear him admonishing the team to move quicker. This should be his mantra this week.

The offense needs to be deliberate in their movements; in the huddle, getting set, and running the play. They need to get after St. Louis early and pile it on from there. A no-huddle offense should not be out of the question. The Redskins should run quick-release passes that put the Rams back on their heels early. Mix in a quick tempo rushing attack and when the Rams start cheating up, take it over the top for the kill.

The Redskins need to put the game out of reach early. If Washington strikes quickly, the Rams will go quietly. On the other hand, if the Redskins let St Louis hang around in a tough, low-scoring game; the Rams might start to feel like they can get well on Washington.

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Sadly, I haven't seen "ruthless" since Gibbs I. Good article though. Hope they do just that
This is all on Zorn. It's on him to get the team fired up, and he's the one who calls all the plays.

It's rare that he finds himself in a game as the more experienced coach, so hopefully he'll call the game with some confidence and not have to rely on tricky and gimmicks to win.
Sadly, I haven't seen "ruthless" since Gibbs I. Good article though. Hope they do just that

I don't know Sarge, they've been pretty ruthless with us fans for quite some time -- brutal even.
The Redskins must play defense with reckless abandon.

This is true to an extent. However, I must say Laron Landry plays with too much reckless abandon and seems to miss tackles because he is too busy trying to make that monster hit. I'd prefer he play under more control. But I wouldn't mind seeing the D-line get after the quarterback for a change.

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