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WPC: Fletcher gracious in rejection



Fletcher gracious in rejection

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

London Fetcher is a middle linebackers’ middle linebacker. He is in his 12th season in the NFL. He ranks third in tackles in the league. He has played in 191 straight games (tied for second among active players), and has started 150 (tied for fourth among active players). At 5-foot-10, Fletcher is small compared to those around him, but he delivers a big hit as Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, and Brandon Jacobs will tell you.

Yet Tuesday, he was rejected for the Pro Bowl, yet again.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say I am disappointed,” said Fletcher. “I think one thing that you can get so caught up in is what you don’t have and lose sight of what you do have. I have been informed that I am the first alternate for the Pro Bowl. So when you think about it, it means a lot of my peers, coaches, players and fans thought that I was deserving of a Pro Bowl bid. I’m still holding out hope that maybe something happens where I am able to get in there, maybe one of the guys will decide and say, 'Hey let this guy go.’ So I am not disappointed. I’m still considered one of the top linebackers as a middle linebacker in the game. So that’s all you can think about.”

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Vilma only made it because of the Saints record.

Actually, New Orleans' defense has been quite suspect against the run this season and I am surprised that Beeson didn't make it ahead of him.

Poor Fletcher. His only mistake was in going to the Bills and Redskins after leaving the Rams.

If he had gone to New England or San Diego he qould have been in the last 4-5 pro bowls.
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way to stay classy, london!

hope this thing gets turned around before you hang em up.
If he had gone to New England or San Diego he qould have been in the last 4-5 pro bowls.
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Sadly, this is the truth.

I don't know what more the man has to do to get noticed.
Fletcher is truly a class act. However everyone and their brothers know that the Pro Bowl is a load of crap. Deserving players get left out all the time because they play on poor teams, don't make the highlight reels enough, hate from other players, etc. What's truly sad is that unlike most, Fletcher has been left out in the cold all 12 years of his career. Hopefully he's got another sreason or two left and will eventually get in before he hangs it up.
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