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WPC: Fat Chance



Fat Chance

By John Pappas
Warpath Confidential Editor

It is a story difficult to believe.

To hear Sherman Lewis tell it, he woke Monday with plans to go the gym to work out, and then the old folks home to call a bingo game. But before he could make bingo, he got a call from Vinny Cerrato offering him a job with the Washington Redskins. A few hours later, he cancelled the bingo game and was packing for Northern Virginia.

This without having any defined duties on his new job.

But although it sounds a bit fantastic, this is exactly what Lewis said happened to him. He got the call, discussed it with this wife, accepted the job, and got on a plane.

It must of been one heck of a sales pitch from Cerrato to lure a man with four Super Bowl rings, who has been retired four and a half years, to take a job that consisted of only a title. And all in a couple of hours.

Lewis said he discussed his role with Team Owner Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato when he got to Washington.

“They just said, 'Really, we just want another set of eyes, and some observations, and some suggestions,’” explained Lewis. “They thought maybe someone that’s familiar with the [west coast] offense, that hasn’t been around this particular offense recently, might have a different perspective on it, and might see some things that if you’re up close, maybe, you might miss.”

The problem with this is Lewis and Zorn apparently have no idea what Lewis is supposed to do, as in, when he is at work.

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At the very least, Lewis is scouting for either Holmgrem or Shanny to find out who can and or wants to play in the WCO and/or who needs to be replaced.

Book it
My confidence in the team just grows with each successive action taken.
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I agree with Mike Wise's take on it:

Lewis is not going to save the head coach's job. Cerrato is not going to save Zorn's job; it's too late, the roster is set.

Only Zorn's players can keep him here. And if they can't do it -- if this ultimately isn't about Zorn's motivational qualities or his suspect play-calling -- what does that say about the people who put the team together?



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