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Won the provincial Championship Now Off to Toronto for a National Championship

Happy hour starts in 5 minutes


Nov 17, 2010
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I live in the warmest city in the coldest provinc


On saturday we beat the team that beat us in the regular season 50-49, by a score of 38-14 we dominated them on the line of scrimmage and controlled the clock with the run game and crisp high percentage passes. Our defence has been weak this season, they tried running a 3-4 and while it did get them to start blitzing it also pretty much ruined a few guys seasons lol (sound familiar? only we still won a lot of games)

anyway we are on the way to Nationals in Toronto to play the Tri City outlaws, a team that we beat twice once in 2005 and again in 2008. im working like a madman to get my cardio up because its 4 down football there and I may have to play some defence as well as left guard. im already down to about 335 right now, my weight has been all over the place because ive been sickly all season.

Here is the write up from the paper

Drillers no match for Wolfpack


Herald-Tribune staff

Posted 2 hours ago

The finish was almost anti-climatic.

A few loud cheers erupted from the Calgary Wolfpack bench as the final whistle blew. The celebration was echoed by their small congregation of fans in the stands as the team gathered to celebrate its 38-14 championship victory over the Grande Prairie Drillers on Saturday night at Legion Field.

When a championship game has been decided with a full quarter left on the clock, the celebrations have long since played out and the emotions have run flat.

"It wasn't clicking for us today… and the Wolfpack played awesome, so kudos to them," said Drillers quarterback Nate Aldred.

For anyone watching the game Saturday night, the difference between the two teams was the Wolfpack's offence. Riding a perfect mixture of a short passing game and a smash-and-drive running game, the Wolfpack offence never seemed to leave the field throughout the first three quarters.

Every time they needed a first down, Wolfpack quarterback Darryl Leason was there to complete a five or 10 yard pass for a fresh set of downs.

"We ran high-percentage plays and we were successful," Leason said. "Lets face it, in this league, second down is critical. If you only get two or three yards on your first down, then you have to complete that pass on second down, otherwise you're punting. But we made some smart calls."

For every minute the Wolfpack's offence was on the field, it meant that Aldred and the Drillers offence was sitting, watching, and ultimately cooling off.

"Their offence just chews the clock up every time we play them and it just kills our defence, wears them down, and our offence just doesn't get clicking," Aldred said. "There were too many two-and-outs in the first half and that can't happen in a championship game. We have to score when we can."

While the Wolfpack did a great job keeping the Drillers' offence off the field, penalties hampered the Drillers on the field. Every time the Drillers made a big play or secured a first down, the flags flew and the team was forced to try bigger-yardage plays that came up short.

Speaking in his most diplomatic tone, Drillers head coach Trevor Prichard had a tough time talking about the penalties after the game.

"I know that there were a lot of people saying, 'Why did you take so many penalties?'," Prichard said.

"Well when (the refs) are throwing them on us… it makes it difficult to build momentum and it makes it difficult to get things going, because every time you do something right, you keep getting knocked down.

"I don't know why it was always that we're getting them, but it is what it is. We lost the game, nobody lost the game for us, but us… it is very frustrating."

The Drillers record drops to 0-4 against the Wolfpack in the playoffs, surrendering 184 points over the four games while scoring 38.

While the Drillers went on to lose the game, they were the stronger team coming out of the gate. Staying with tradition, the Drillers started with a short kick that they recovered.

A few plays later they were in scoring distance. After failing to get another first down, the Drillers attempted a field goal, which was hit wide by kicker Tyler Fulmek for a single point.

On the Wolfpack's ensuing possession, they capped of a lengthy drive when fullback Matt Squires ran it in for the major and a 7-1 lead at 4:12 of the first quarter.

Squires struck again in the second quarter on another short-yardage touchdown run to lift the score to 14-1 at 8:19.

The Drillers' offence began to flare up after the three-minute warning and at 1:45, Driller Symon Pfau scored a 105-yard touchdown close the score to 14-8.

The Wolfpack lifted the score to 15-8 on a missed field goal attempt just before half time.

In the third quarter, the Wolfpack's kicking game came through and they scored a field goal at 11:55 to lift the score to 18-8.

To seal the game, Wolfpack's wide receiver Tim Johnson scored two touchdowns in the third quarter, at 9:35 and 3:42, to lift the score 32-8. Wolfpack running back Sean Ahronson put the game out of reach when he scored a touchdown at 10:12 of the fourth quarter that bumped the score to 38-8 when the conversion was missed.

Drillers running back Wisam Azooz scored late in the fourth quarter to close the score to 38-14.


They took a lot of stupid penalties, but they got quite a few gimmes, on one drive I was called for holding for slamming a guy down too hard, then a play later I had one hand inside a guys chest plate and they called holding because with one hand I prevented him from even moving upfield. we still scored. whining about refs is lame if the game was another one pointer then maybe, besides they only won last game because a ref screwed up, they called procedure, and then offset it with us going offside? then they gave them a do over and they went for 2 and won lol

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