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Winter Weather 2012-13


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Jul 19, 2009
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Wadsworth, Oh
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I moved from Beaufort SC to Akron Ohio this fall, I guess winter is here now! We are getting our first real snowstorm. They are calling for 4-10 inches of snow, but totals could reach 12-15 inches depending on how much lake effect reaches us. It changed over from rain early this morning, with just a light snow right now. Later in the day it is supposed to pick up and the winds are gonna blow up to 45 mph.

Here we go, my first winter here. In my 14 years in Beaufort I had about 3 inches of snow total in that whole time
Not surprising to hear that SD is having cold temps. That trough is quite stubborn out there, but it will start to shift things further to the east. Should be a wet one in your area this weekend. After that, a ridge will set in and weather for SD should improve.

A positive PDO is setting up and could bring a bunch of shots at snow starting on Christmas Day for the east coast. This current storm is the game changer - bringing in colder air as the AO sets up to send polar air southward. January could be bitterly cold for the eastern half of the nation with several chances for snow.

I'll have specific updates in the other thread. And Derek is cool - he's allowed to have it after living with very little snow in recent years. :)

One other note. It's snowing here now, but not enough to stick. Just some passing showers for this evening.
Thanks Ken!

We got about 6" of snow out of that storm. Looks like tomorrow we will see another couple inches, then Wed-Thur could be a big winter storm for here is what I am hearing. It is so different looking at weather patterns in OH.

Got this from FB, the forecast from this site is pretty spot on. https://www.facebook.com/WxRisk

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