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Winning a game


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Apr 12, 2009
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Fairfax, VA
I've been a cranky fan lately. I've been so cranky that I haven't been watching all that much. I'll sometimes miss the first quarter of a game because I've got something better to do, or I turn a game off early in disgust. On at least two occasions I didn't watch one snap of an entire game.

Yesterday was no exception. I was out running errands just before game time with the wife and kids. Once the game started I kept tabs on the score through my phone until I got home, at the beginning of the second quarter. At 4th and 20 I got up and fixed myself a snack. When I sat back down it was 14-14. Ok Redskins, you've earned it. I'll watch the rest.

What I saw was a team that, for one day at least, scratched and clawed and bit ankles and did whatever it had to to win a game. That's fun stuff. Watching Betts and Cartwright was fun. Watching Simms getting knocked around like a pinball was fun. Listening to the commentators talk about how well we were playing ... fun. So for this one day, watching the Redskins was fun again.

This doesn't mean I'm not still cranky. Long term, I don't see this win changing a thing about what's happened to this team. But I was reminded yesterday why I watch in the first place.

Because watching the Redskins win, I mean really win ... that's always fun. :)
It is nice to see a competative team. Even if they had lost yesterday, they still played like they wanted to play football like professionals. Nice change of pace. hope they keep it up
Since they were playing the Broncos, the game was on TV here in Colorado yesterday. For some reason, I felt we had a chance so my son and I went to a nearby sports bar after church yesterday to watch the game. We were surrounded by at least 50 Steelers fans that were gathered to watch the Steelers-Bengals game on one of the two giant screen TV's (Skins-Broncos on the other one).

It turned out to be a great day. Not only did the Skins play like a real NFL team for the first time in a while, the Steelers, whom I loathe, lost. Since I wanted to get out of there alive, I showed no rooting interest for the Bengals while the Steeler fans were at least happy the Broncos lost. They actually outnumbered the Broncos fans in the bar. It was really weird. It felt more like western PA than Colorado. At least the Broncos fans kept their mouths shut while I openly cheered for the Skins, except one lady who would just clap whenever the Skins did something bad or when Haynesworth got hurt. At least that classless beeyotch went home unhappy.

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