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Who Here Has Knowledge About Neurological Disorders?


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Apr 1, 2011
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I remember a few were very knowledgeable and helpful on the topic a while back, I just can't remember who. There's a reason I ask.

A year ago this past October, I received a contrast dye brain scan. At the time, I was having severe tremors in my right hand that were unexplained, but had been going on and progressively getting worse for years. I was also dealing with severe insomnia, headaches that never went away, and severe twitching spells all over my body.

The scans revealed nothing more than an overactive hotspot in my parietal lobe. They explained it to me as simply saying part of my brain was trying to out-think itself, but it wouldn't cause any of my symptoms. Oddly enough, aside from the insomnia, within days of the scan all of my symptoms subsided.

Fast forward a little over a year, and I am still dealing with the insomnia, and I have developed different symptoms in the same areas. My right hand no longer twitches/jerks, but it feels like it wants to curl itself inward, fingers included. It isn't the same sensation you get from a cramp or spasm either, it's pretty different from anything I've ever had. It's not rigid, there is no pain or discomfort of any kind, it's almost like it's trying to curl into a position it thinks it naturally belongs in.

I've been to my PCP for it, and he is baffled and admitted it's not his area of expertise, so he has referred me to a Neurologist who specializes specifically in motor function and issues related to it. The only problem is, the appointment was scheduled for the earliest opening, which isn't until January. In the mean time, I have to wait.

I'm not looking for an online diagnosis by any means, I am just wondering if anyone has heard of something like this before, or has dealt with it themselves and knows what it might be.
A neurologist? I'm thinking...Ben Carson.
Sounds like you've had quite a go of it when it comes to health issues, Extreme. Unfortunately, I don't have any expertise in this area, but I hope it's resolved for you quickly and easily.

Best brother.

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