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Which one of our Free Agents are coming back?


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Dec 26, 2009
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Before we start signing free agents from other teams we... and by "we" I mean all of us and Mike Shanahan... have to decide which one of our free agents come back.

Rex Grossman - This one is a no-brainer for me. I am not ready to call Beck the starter just yet. I think he has to beat out Grossman before the start of the season. I am not sure Beck can do that.

Santana Moss - I think this guy comes back too. I think we will resign him before another team even gets the chance. 93 catches last year, he knows the offense and he is a great role model for all of our young receivers.

Jammal Brown - This one I am not so sure about. I don't think he gets signed in the 3 days as I think he wants to test the market. They will make Brown an offer but he will look for a LT job. I think the first day we can sign other free agents I think we sign Ryan Harris and tell Brown "nice knowing you".

Carl Rogers - I say the only "no chance" of the bunch. He is not worth as much as he thinks he is but by the time he realizes that the Skins will have made other arrangements. I don't think he really wants to come back anyway.

Rocky McIntosh - I actually think they make Rocky an offer but I think it will be a low one. The Skins are ready to go along with Riley, Alexander, or Henson battling for the starting job, but if they could get Rocky back cheap they may go for it. I do think Rocky gets a better option from a 4-3 team and will be gone.

Kendrick Golston - The real question here is do the Skins want a below average DE/DT back for depth. They are certainly thinking about free agent D-lineman. So do they bother bring back Golston. He is a solid special teamer but not a starter on the D-line. I say "no".

Reed Daughty - Does Reed think he can start somewhere? If he does he'll be gone but I think the Skins would like to have him back in a reserve/special team roll. I think he comes back.

Stephon Heyer - I think they look for an upgrade. Does he even belong in the league?

Will Montgomery is on a several free agents lists but he signed an extension for 2011 season right after the 2010 season started.

Did I miss anyone? Anyone agree or disagree?
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If Rex is not re-signed, I bet we keep McNabb.

I like the idea of Santana coming back. He will be a nice fit in the slot on 3rd downs on top of all the other things you mentioned.

I would rather have Ryan Harris than Jamaal Brown anyway. I keep hearing conflicting reports, and to be honest I am too lazy to look into it, but is Harris really an UFA?

I kinda think I'd like to have Carlos back on the team, stone hands and all. I believe he just wants to move on. I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up filling in the spot vacated by Ike Taylor in Pittsburgh. And watch, he has glue hands for the rest of his career. 'Los is gone.

McIntosh? Gone. Don't want him as a 3-4 ILB. We need to sign someone like Paul Polsuzny who can play the position.

Gholston? Likely coming back. S/T and rotation. Has a high motor and good character. I hope we upgrade here, but how many FA DT's who aren't already here can we sign? Is Big Al a factor here?

Doughty? All depends on the kid Gomes. If he comes in and lights up training camp, he takes the S/T spot that Doughty is so valuable in.

Stephon Heyer? Please! Please! Please! DO NOT RE-SIGN HIM!!!
This may sound crazy to some, but if it was me i would keep C Rogers and J Brown, McNabb. The rest could take a hike.(I'm assuming W Montgomery is under contract)

-L Alexander is a better fit and (better player imo) than Macintosh.
-B Banks could do as well or better than S Moss.
-R Doughty should've been gone a long time ago along with S Heyer.
-K Golston needs to go. Never going to be a starter and we might as well take a chance with our rookie J Jenkins.

-Rogers has been solid, even though he can't catch a cold, he's a good cover guy who has NEVER been picked on and he's a good tackler. Replacing him isn't going to be as easy as some think.

-J Brown is a no brainer imo since we don't have any other NFL caliber RT.

-McNabb is better than Grossman, end of story. Grossman would have never won some of them early games McNabb did when our OL was playing awful. Getting rid of McNabb and keeping Grossman doesn't make us a better team no matter how you cut it.

This would give us more money to get players we know that can play.
I don't think there is anyway you can keep McNabb with the way his current contract is setup. I think the bridge has burned there. I think he is gone no matter what. I say good riddance. I think we will know his fate right away. I don't think Shanny and Allen let him twist in the wind. Plus, his new team will want him for the preseason.

I think Grossman may be back. We have many options at the QB position, too bad none of them will be ideal.

I really hope Moss comes back, Banks is not even in the same category as Moss. Banks had 2 receptions last year. If Banks does not find time at the reciever position, I think he may be off the team. We have some young guys (Niles Paul) coming in that can return kicks and play WR. Plus we need one veteran presence out of the group.

Rogers needs to go. Only because of his attitude. If he just kept his mouth shut and played, he would be a great compliment to Hall. I have defended Rogers in the past, but no more. He has too many negative things to say about his employer. Go drop balls somewhere else. The problem is he is a solid cover corner and he can play the run well. Bring on Jonathan Joseph.

If the player was not inury prone, I too would rather have Ryan Harris. The problem is the guy has missed 14 games the past two seasons. Doesn't sound like someone you want to man the position. Even if Brown is signed, I don't know that he will be, lots of teams that need LT help, I think this position is going to be hurting this year.

I think everyone else you mentioned will be gone as well.
Yea, i agree, in all reality McNabb and Rogers are already out the door and Moss is probably a lock to be here next year.

I still wouldn't be so quick to kick C Rogers to the curb. CB is probably the hardest position to fill other than QB and a 3-4 NT. Rodgers is a special breed that can cover and tackle.

B Banks never really got a shot. The thing with Moss is he's on the downside of his career and he's good for 1 or 2 drops a game. If he was more sure handed i would keep him without a doubt.

I kind of look at S Moss and C Rogers the same way i looked at C Portis. Would i like them on the team, yea, but in a way i think it's better off for both parties to split because of all the losing.
GD, I have to laugh with you (I hope) at the irony of wanting to ditch Moss because of his drops, but hold on to Rogers. :)

I think Banks is replaceable, and we may indeed have already drafted his replacement. Even if he could develop into a quality WR, I just see too many injury concerns to keep him around. Plus, IIRC, he displayed some questionable judgment in the offseason, something else I hate to see.

Moss should be back, unless he wants an unrealistic deal or one chance at a SB. McNabb is gone, imo. Fat Al is out the door as well. Rocky? I'm split on him. Wouldn't be shocked if he was here next year, also wouldn't be shocked to see him out the door.

Doughty I think goes, particularly if he believes he can start. Heyer I hope to God is gone, and think he will be. Shame really, he flashed some potential early on, but when pressed into service, ugh.
GD, I have to laugh with you (I hope) at the irony of wanting to ditch Moss because of his drops, but hold on to Rogers. :)

Rogers doesn't play WR.:cool4:

Again, I've seen D Green and C Bailey play here and M Irvin always found a way to get open against Green and C Bailey seemed to always get burnt while he was here against the elite WR's.

I haven't seen C Rogers exposed ONCE in all the games he's played here. Has he dropped a ton of int's, yea.
I understand your position on Rogers. He has been a solid corner. He can line up anywhere, including the slot. But, he has bad mouthed the organization quite a bit. He keeps worrying about being called the '#2' corner instead of just going out and playing. In fact, he got into a twitter argument with Hall and Hall's friend this offseason. He needs to shut his yap. He is gone.

If he is was great, like he thinks he is, then someone would have offered him a contract when we put a first round tender on him last year. A great CB is worth a first round pick. However, he is not great and not worth the pick. He wants to be a top paid corner, however, he is not going to come close to what Asomugha is going to earn. Plus he is already 30. In fact, he will probably be the fourth or fifth most valued FA corner on the market this year.

He would be more valued if he was a playmaker. Corners that create turnovers are going to be valued more than non-playmakers that run their mouths about the organization and fellow players.

Also, our new defense does not call for the best man on man guy we can find. We don't need Rogers or Asomugha. We need someone that can play zone well and can catch.

Jonathan Joseph could play the position just as well and create turnovers. Not only that, he is also a few years younger. In our system, I may even take a gamble too see if Barnes could handle the job. He is my sleeper pick for break out player this year.

Maybe Carlos will go to the Eagles or Cowboys so that they may never get turnovers.

I am not high on bringing in too many FAs. Mainly O-line, but we have lots of money to spend, so we might as well guess and wish for certain players.
This is the buzz going around from a few of the insiders...

* - Rex Grossman will return.
* - Jammal Brown is all but certain to return.
* - Santana Moss will return.
* - Phillip Buchanon will return.

* - Kedric Golston is 50/50 on returning. He wants to be with the Redskins.
* - Rocky McIntosh is all but gone, but showing up to player practices has helped a bit.
* - Reed Doughty is 50/50 on returning.
* - Stephon Heyer is gone.
* - Carlos Rogers is gone.
* - Donovan McNabb is gone. There will be no trade market for him though.

A shocker. Word going around says that Haynesworth will go all out this year and be a dedicated player. His motives are selfish though. He knows that getting traded to a favorable situation is not to his advantage. He will use this good play to get a trade before the deadline or next offseason. Of course, this will help the Redskins in many ways like getting rid of a malcontent, obtaining a hight draft pick, and having a trade market that helps the Redskins, i.e. - not going to the Eagles.

More. Jared Gaither will be released from the Ravens - even with Jammal Brown re-signing, Gaither could be solid insurance or more.

Possible/Targeted FAs.

* - Vince Young is going to be a target. The idea is to get a low risk/high reward deal and there is hope for him to be a long tenured member of the Redskins.
* - Cullen Jenkins is going to be a member of the Redskins.
* - Marshal Yanda is a target, but it will be a fight with the Ravens.
* - Don't be surprised if Ryan Harris is signed anyway - even if other players are acquired/re-signed on the OL.
* - Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards will not be targets UNLESS (preference is for Holmes), Santana doesn't re-sign (highly unlikely), but only one would be signed if able - not both.
* - Barry Cofield will be a target.
* - Harvey Dahl could be a target, depending how other situations develop.
* - Josh Wilson could be a target. The Redskins could bow out of the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes early, but he can't be ruled completely out of the picture.
* - Aubrayo Franklin will not be a target IF the Redskins are able to sign a hefty number of these FAs. He can't be ruled out under any circumstance though.
* - Stephen Tulloch could be a target at LB, but the interest right now is minimal.

UDFAs. Look for about a dozen players to be signed. OL will be a heavy target.
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That all looks good to me except Doughty and not signing another starter at WR.

-Doughty is an okay SPT's player, but a major liability at S. I don't see the upside of keeping him around.

-I like Armstrong and i think Banks could contribute more, and the guy from Nebraska sounds like a keeper, but what else do we really have at WR? I hope M Kelly is blessed with a miracle and able to play.
The coaching staff does think a lot of Doughty. I wouldn't be surprised to see him back either. He was okay at SS it was FS and in coverage that he was below average. Haslett and Shanahan like his motor so unless he can make more money elsewhere I bet he is back.

Banks shouldn't have his roster spot wrote in permanent ink just yet. He is going to have to prove that he has upside at WR or he could be replaced. Niles Paul could easily be his replacement.

I wouldn't be surprised if we brought in another free agent WR besides Moss. Look at what we have. Kelly can't stay healthy, Hankerson (a lot of promise but a rookie) and two other rookies. Banks and Austin are 2nd year receivers that haven't shown anything on offense. Anthony Armstrong had a good season for us last year but you are still talking about a guy that couldn't get off the practice squad in Miami for 2 years. So another WR could be brought in.

If Jammal Brown is brought back then that will be it for starting free agent options at Tackle. We don't have enough money to pay another Tackle starter money and address all our other needs. If Brown is brought back I don't see us signing Gaither or Harris. We will look for a replacement for Heyer (I hope to God) that won't be that expensive.
Damn, completely frogot about Hankerson.:anonymous: I feel a lot better about our WR situation.
I wish we would let Buchanon walk and bring in Josh Wilson. I wouldn't mind seeing Paul Posluszny here either. However, he is going to get a hefty contract. I would love to have Yanda and Dahl.

Vince Young as a low risk/high reward is perfect.

I still hope we do not see Franklin or Holmes. I believe, if Holmes gets one more drug bust, he is out for a year.
If I was given the option, it would be more important to me to be rid of Stephon Heyer than it would be to sign anyone. Getting him gone would be my first order of business.
Rex Grossman - I'm pretty sure he'll be back.

Santana Moss - We will certainly make him an offer. We'll see how serious he is about "wanting" to come back. If he decides to test the market, Mike could possibly withdraw the offer and sign another FA. Things will be moving quickly and he who hesitates could be lost.

Jammal Brown - Same as Moss. We will make him an offer but if he decides to test the marker, Mike will not hesitate to replace him. I think he might be on a shorter leash than Moss.

Carlos Rogers - I'm not certain we even make him an offer. He probably doesn't even want an offer from the Skins but will act insulted if he doesn't get one. I'm pretty sure he's gone.

Rocky McIntosh - I agree with the OP. IF he gets an offer, it will be a low one. I don't expect hime back.

Kendrick Golston - High character guy but I don't think we make him an offer.

Reed Daughty - I think Reed could get a lowball offer but I won't be surprised if he doesn't get one at all.

Stephon Heyer - Gone. No offer.

Will Montgomery - Will very likely be back.

Updating a previous item, Drew Brees' email to teammates reportedly outlined a timetable that would have full free agency beginning at noon ET Tuesday.

"It now looks like ... it will be open free agency," said Brees. "There will be no 3 day grace period for teams to sign their own players. It will be open for anyone to sign anywhere." Brees' timetable contradicts everything we've seen elsewhere, so we'd caution not to accept it as gospel truth. The absence of a three-day exclusive window would change the entire landscape of free agency, of course, creating even more of an Oklahoma Sooner land-grab feel.
Wow. Hold on to your hats everyone!

AdamSchefterAdam Schefter
Filed to ESPN: Latest timeline for getting NFL back in business - subject to approval by the NFLPA. Here are the details...

AdamSchefterAdam Schefter
Teams can sign their free agents this afternoon. Teams can begin talking to UFAs this
afternoon. Teams can sign UFAs tomorrow at noon.
Carlos Rogers is as good as gone, IMO. He's already said its "time to cash in," he's just looking for a pay day from whatever team will give him one. Peace out, Los - don't let the door hit you on the way out! God knows you won't catch it before it does....
Carlos Rogers is as good as gone, IMO. He's already said its "time to cash in," he's just looking for a pay day from whatever team will give him one. Peace out, Los - don't let the door hit you on the way out! God knows you won't catch it before it does....

yea....I don't think he's as bad as you seem to think...rock hands and all.....but his days here are done....never produced enough to feel bad about impending departure. who takes his place?

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