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Which of our previously thought of as "easy" games, now worries you most ?

Which of these "supposed easy teams" will give us the most trouble ?

  • Carolina

    Votes: 7 30.4%
  • Buffalo

    Votes: 14 60.9%
  • San Francisco

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Minnesota

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Miami

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • Seattle

    Votes: 1 4.3%

  • Total voters

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Sep 28, 2010
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Before the season, I would have rated these games as the easiest (plus the St Louis team we played). But almost all of these teams are proving to be a much greater threat than previously thought. Which of the following "easy" games do you think we'll have the most trouble with ?

San Francisco
I think the 49er's are going to turn out to be the toughest game of them all. They look like a solid team all around after 2 trips to the East Coast and two wins, one of them over the "Dream Team".
I think the 49er's are going to turn out to be the toughest game of them all. They look like a solid team all around after 2 trips to the East Coast and two wins, one of them over the "Dream Team".

Or was that win an indication of how over-rated the Eagles are, and/or how banged up Vick is, rather than an indication of how good the Niners are ?
The Eagles are no Dream team, but they are no slouch either. I think the 49ers are a much better coached team than under Singletary and they had some talent on that squad to begin with. Alex Smith looks like he has become an NFL QB too.
There are no "easy" games, especially for the Redskins. The way Cam Newton is playing he could light up our secondary. But Harbaugh has SF playing well, and I'm sure Donovan McNabb (assuming he's still starting at that point) will want revenge.
There are no "easy" games, especially for the Redskins.

Then think of it as "easy" in a relative sense. Or "easier" than other games.

Certainly you would agree that these games at least in theory should be easier than when we play our other 2011 opponents - like the Patriots, Jets, and NFCE Rivals ??
...and I'm sure Donovan McNabb (assuming he's still starting at that point) will want revenge.
There's a difference between wanting revenge and having the ability to get it. Not sure Donovan's got the ability in himself nor the supporting cast to make his dream come true.

Of course, on any given Sunday...
Buffalo puts some poits up on the board, but their D scares no one, considering Cedric Benson just posted a 100+ day on them (yeah, I know. I didn't know he was still in the league either). Carolina with Cam scares me some because of his mobility.

El is probably right, SF may be the toughest.
I LOL'd at McNabb.... Nah not really worried about him.

Newton is the type of QB that may be able to expose our defense some. We'll see how Vick does first before I hit the panic button, but in watching his highlights this year he buys time and our scheme is predicated on pressure... less pressure = more time to pick apart D(minus) Hall. I would like to see LL blow him up on one of his "runs" though!!!
Carolina....it's the sort of game we have played down to in the past.
Most of them worry me...
San Fransisco has proven they will not just roll over, and even more important they can and will come back if you give them oportunity

Carolina - it's just a matter of time before Newton does one of two things: a) comes back down to earth, or b) brings the rest of his team up to his level. if it's b then we're in for a rough game.

Buffalo seems to be legit.

The bottom line is we aren't good enough for any game to be 'easy', or to overlook any opponent.
I've never thought of Buffalo as an "easy" win (and caught some grief for it), but after their performance against Cincinnati, its clear they can be beat. Not sure if we'll be able to stop the Jackson/Johnson/Fitzpatrick show on offense though...but we shall see. They will screen us to death with Jackson if we try and blitz a lot.

San Francisco - meh. I think their victory over the Eagles is more indicative of Philly failures than the 49ers success. Alex Smith is a sub-subpar QB with only one real target in Vernon Davis - and by November 5th, I doubt Gore is still healthy. He's getting up there in age & carries. I see a win there in a close game (surprise, surprise, they're all gonna be close outside of the Patriots).

I (along with oh, everyone in the NFL) thought Cam Newton was a joke, and the Panthers were going 0-16. Well, with the resurgence of Steve Smith and Cam Newton actually being a pretty good football player, the Panthers are not going to roll over. I think we'll have trouble with them.
Carolina..Cam is really doing something there and with his downfield ability our CBs are going to be in for a big test.

Yeah, I can unfortunately see Smith having a huge day against our secondary.
Cam and company can only have a huge day if Cam is on the field and upright. Forte hung 205 on them on the ground this last week and he was sacked 4 times by both the Cards and the Pack. To me, the Skins represent the best of these two things that the Panthers will have faced this year.
More afraid of Buffalo than anyone else, but more afraid of Steve Smith than Cam at this point. Dude is getting wide-open with regularity and the ball is getting delivered to him in stride, but Carolina is still not scaring people as a team. Despite Cam putting up monstrous yards, they're not winning games.

contrastly, I see NE as being a possible win-sort of how we pulled a W from GB last year.

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