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What Was That??? (merge earthquake threads)

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Oct 1, 2009
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For those of you on the west coast, you are certainly welcome to laugh...

But we just went through quite a shaking in this region. Anyone else in the east???
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Just experienced my first earthquake wtf

In virginia beach, my house just shook, the ground shook, scared the **** out of me, any confirmed earthquakes?
Yeah, I saw the epicenter was in Mineral, VA - 5.8. They felt it as far away as NYC.
It scared the hell out of me, it's not normal here. When the first wave hit, nobody reacted and I started to panic because I thought something was wrong with me. THen the second wave shook pictures off the wall and everyone freaked out. I felt better when I knew it wasn't me lol.
:eek: Me too. I'm in southern WV about 5hrs SW from where it happened. I was leanning back in my chair and it began to rock. I was like WTF the chair is getting ready to fall apart. Never in my life have i felt a tremor in my 40+ yrs.
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I work in a large data center that feels more like a tomb at times. We have one big window and when the shaking started my co-worker looked over at me and we saw several people hauling ass for the back doors.

I put on my safety vest (don't ask) and went upstairs to help direct the evacuation of the building. We stood around outside for about 20 minutes before the building manager decided that building wasn't going to fall in and then they let us go back in.

We haven't had any reported damage yet but I talked to a friend at our data center in Albany and he said he felt it.
When it first started, I went to wake my wife up from her nap. I said, "get up, we're having an earthquake!" She looked at me with this unforgettable stare of confusion and said, "that's the dumbest ****ing prank you've ever come up with, let me sleep."

Then when it started shaking again, she came running out yelling, "oh my god, you were ****ing serious?" Good times :laugh:
Alright - now we need to hear from anyone who was ...um... 2BackBeasting it during the event!
I was sitting at my desk checking updates for Irene and felt my desk and chair start to shake. I thought it couldn't be an earthquake, but may some jets from Langley flying over.

Never thought would feel an earthquake in Southern VA.
Sitting in Craplebees in Roanoke with a co-worker talking to a prospective employee and the whole damn restaurant started shaking. Unreal. Never experienced that before. Huess I can cross that off my not-really bucket list.
The condo complex here is divided into ten main buildings. One of them has cracks throughout and is evacuated until building inspectors arrive sometime soon. Thinking it will be ok though.

Two homes over in Camden Co. have collapsed.

The only "damage" I had was 41 DVDs falling on the floor from the case. Some personal effects like medicine bottles tipped over as well.

But that swaying back and forth lasted about twenty-five seconds. Saw a report that said this region had the equivalent of about a 5.0 - rather strong considering how far we are from the epicenter. Never felt anything like it in my life. The other earthquakes I've been in were smaller and more like the vibrating sensation.
It was pretty strong here in NC...so I can only imagine what it felt like 300 miles north of here. I've felt plenty of tremors/mild quakes in Hawaii...but this got my attention. I think I said something stupid and geeky like 'well - that was unsettling'.

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