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what this team needs this offseason (after watching this playoff run)


Nov 17, 2010
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I am not going to start being a pollyanna about everything, the run was nice, but we still have holes. The offence overachieved and surpassed expectations.

we need a center who can shotgun snap. the pistol is going to be a huge part of our offence, we better have a guy who doesnt snap at gophers.
we need at least one guard who can play at a probowl level all the time. Lick isnt it, leribeus might be, he played very well tonite, much better than lick but im nervous it took him that long to get on the field.

I am torn on polumbus, the past 4 weeks he has played like a different player, he has actually looked very very good at RT at least in the run game, Chester has also shown vast improvement the past few weeks but is still overmatched by decent DT's. Leribeus took forever to get on the field but looked very solid tonite. but I want guys who are physically better than the oppoenet as well as fit the scheme. when we had no run option from rg3, the run game was stoned and the pass protection was brutal. Monty was decent, but not as good as he has been. if we can get a stud center, I would be ok with that. so Oline it would be nice to get a RT, G and C even if its all depth. if its a starter, so much the better to push a starter to depth. (still hoping for long lol)

WE NEED A TE. Cooley is done, if he couldnt get on the field ahead of Paulsen who is a back up at best, it only shows that TE has gone from a strength 2 seasons ago to a hole. Davis isnt a guy I want to count on and hes coming off a knee. Niles Paul is a special teamer tweener who has suspect hands.

We need a Receiver. Garcon has been a bandaid, although when on the field he has been pretty solid, Moss is clutch but hes aging and a slot guy now he isnt gonna be the jonnhy go deep anymore. Hank looks like the reboot of 50/50 and morgan at times looks stellar and at times looks like he has stumps for hands.

Fb is set, Young has been pretty solid.

Rb is set, with Helu coming back, Royster being solid and Morris is a beast.

a lot of this will depend on what we do about coaching, if we get a real DC, who can scheme around his talent, then we should keep Rak and use him, if not we should trade him because he isnt a fit in this current scheme and we did better without him.
no matter what scheme we run we need a big run stuffing DT, one who can play nose or 1 tech, that would have made a massive difference on this team.

at least one linebacker for both inside and out, one for london to tutor.

Corners I would like at least one starting calibre corner, it would be great to have more competition and maybe move dhall to the slot. our corners played well the past few weeks, but i wont gamble that was a mirage. besides, competition is good.

safety we need a stud athlete at free safety, someone who can be a difference maker in centre field and cover up for doughty who just played the best game ive seen by a skins safety since ST but who is physically limited and isnt a probowler consistently.

Maybe a back up RB who can be a 3rd down/returner if one drops

basically we have a few holes that need filling badly but this team is in much better shape now, im hoping we fill at least 2 of these holes in the draft, the rest with the best available free agents.
Davis had an Achilles, not a knee.

But I agree, TE is not a strength. Chong can't be trusted. Paulsen is the blocking TE who can make some occasional good plays in the passing game as well. Cooley was underutilized after his return, on purpose. Doubt he'll be back. Niles is a career special teamer.
If the team has plans of going after their stolen $36 million, they should start the process, immediately. **** the NFL, and it's playoffs. They need to go scorched earth, now. Or forget about it completely.

Free Agency is now our #1 concern. And it's not far away.

The rest of the league can eat ****.

Edit: Fedex field needs a new, and better surface. It's a joke.
Keep in mind RE: LeReibius that Kory is Shanahan's guy from his Denver days. That might be why he keeps getting the nod over Josh.

Montgomery has been snapping perfectly for 16 weeks...what the hell happened last night? I don't get it.
I actually spoke to someone who said that part of their game plan was to rattle monty because his snaps go low when he is rushed hard. not sure how true that is but meh.

yeah I wrote that late last night still steaming but davis was an achilles injury, my bad, im more worried about his weed tbh.

ax absolutely, if we allow that obvious travesty to stand then we will be weakened for another 2 seasons. its garbage we need to fight it and go scorched earth.

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