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What people are saying about the Shanahan hiring


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Sep 2, 2009
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Joe Gibbs, former Redskins head coach:

“He’s very, very good on offense. If you take a look at him, the running game has been outstanding. They have a certain way of approaching the run game with the stretch play and he’s taken running back after running back and been successful running the ball. Very creative, lots of waggles and bootlegs. He does a great job coaching the quarterbacks."
Read it all.

Burgundy Burner

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Oct 1, 2009
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Memphis, TN


A lot of nice things being said - that is good to see.

CP is saying the right things too. Eh, I don't think it will work this time Mr. Portis - earn it or be gone.

My reaction...



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Aug 3, 2009
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Falls Church, VA

Michigan State

It's the honeymoon period and everyone -- even Clinton Portis -- is saying all the right things.
This. Right now it's all meaningless blather. Actions speak louder than words. I'll wait for some actions from our new coach before making judgements.


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md

Well, Andy Reid and Wade Phillips have been working for the past decade to achieve what Shanahan already has.

The Redskins went from having the weakest head coach in the division to perhaps having the best.

That's a quantum leap change when we are talking about playing close games and needing to see effective game and clock management.
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Jun 30, 2009
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Raleigh, NC


I went digging on other team fan forums-again-to see what the reaction, if any, was to the Redskins hiring Shanny.

There is a lot of it-and it's all over the place when it comes to how other team's fans see it-good, bad and indifferent. Some was frankly surprising-San Fransisco fans , for some reason I don't understand, are delighted calling it a brilliant move-here's some quotes from a 49ers board.

"This is the best move the Skins have probably every made. The Skin's defense is pretty solid. They're loaded with talent. If anyone can get production out of Campbell and the offense, it's Shanahan.

Good for them."

"I'm sure he will eventually(in reference to a statement that Shanny would bring in his own QB), but Campbell fits his system pretty well. Campbell is mobile, can throw on the run, and has a very strong arm. That's exactly what he looks for in a QB. He likes to run a lot play-action and bootlegs, which could really take advantage of Campbell's athleticism.

Plus, the Skin's WR corps is pretty solid. Devin Thomas, Santana Moss, Malcolm Kelly, and Chris Cooley give him plenty of weapons to work with. Shanahan made guys like Ashley Lelie and Eddie Royal look great, so those guys should all be very excited. Plus, Portis (and Tatum Bell, Cecil Sapp, Mike Anderson, Mike Bell, Selvin Young, Quinten Griffin, etc) had is best days under Mike's zone-blocking scheme. He runs it as effective as anyone.

If there's one glaring weaking for the Skins, it's the Oline. If there's one thing Shanahan knows how to manufacture, it's an Oline. He'll turn them around quickly. Plus, he able to do it without necessary drafting lineman early. Smaller, more mobile lineman work well in his system. If he gets that offense firing, the defense could also really benefit because they'd actually be able to catch their breath during a game.

Again, great move by Snyder."

"I hope he gives hell to the cowgirls for the next 10 years.

This is the beginning!!! With Singletary and Shanahan, the NFC shall rise again!!!"
As Elephant mentioned, Broncos fans are split-Shanny-lovers and Shanny-haters fight constantly there so their reaction is mixed.

Arizona Cardinal fans have a sense of humor, I discovered as you can see from this comment from before the official announcement was made-a clairvoyant one as it turns out.

"PLEASE bring in Shanahan and let him bring his kid from HOU to coach the offense. We need a WAS team that can siphon off wins from the rest of the NFC East."
Patriot fans are glad the Skins got Shanny too:

"The 2009 Redskins team was probably a 10-6 team with proper coaching,Zorn was horrid and Shanahan will have that team in playoff contention in 11 months from now...bank on it."

"I sure hope that Shanahan will sign with the skins. He is the one man I want away from the AFC because he has always given us trouble. One of the rare coaches that can coach on BB's level, when head to head."

"I guess this isn't a big surprise, but I think that Dan Snyder might finally have met his match. Joe Gibbs was worthy, but past his prime and probably didn't have the stomach for the politics of standing up to an overarching, overreaching Owner. Shanahan wants to go to Canton and knows the third ring is his ticket, so I doubt he'll put up with much."
From a Seattle Seahawks forum:

"Great move for the Skins"
Not everybody was so charitable, however, this brutal post came from a New Orleans Saints forum.

"Danny Snyder told Shanahan to close his eyes and pretend that Jason Cambell is John Elway. That pretty much sealed the deal beside the big breakfast at The Snyder Compound. Also he was promised all the free rides and cotton candy at Six Flags. He was also promised that Tom Cruise would be there and they would watch Mission Impossible together. Little does he know that will be his epitaph during his tenure with The Skins. The good part is he will be in The DC area and St Elizabeths Psychiatric Hospital is near by. Chances are with his credentials he can get a room near John Hinckley, Jr. and they can go over bad decision making.
They will also issue him a Gatorade drooling towel and fuzzy yellow slippers to run around in. Hard to believe Marty didn't call Shanahan and at least warn him of his fate, then again maybe he did! Not For Long"
This quote from a San Diego Chargers fan forum is intriguing because it is in response to the normal criticism of Shanahan's success being due to John Elway-and it mentions our old friend-Norv.

"John Elway didn't play defense or call the plays, nor did he prep the team week in and week out.

Saying Elway won the Super Bowls and discrediting Shanahan is as myopic as suggesting the Chargers are 13-3 and riding an 11 game win streak "despite Norv".'

Lanky Livingston

I hate the Elway argument, and its easily refuted by two obvious observations:

1) John Elway won nothing until Mike Shanahan got to Denver, and John was well passed the prime of his career at that point.

2) Mike Shanahan took the Jake Plummer led Broncos to the AFC Championship Game. Just think about that.


Peter King actually had nice things to say on the LaVar Show today


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Jul 15, 2009
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CP is saying the right things too. Eh, I don't think it will work this time Mr. Portis - earn it or be gone.
Or even better, just be gone. Period. Portis' antics were cute for a while, especially when he was producing and the team was having some success. However, his tendency to throw others under the bus and run to Snyder to whine wasn't worth his on-field production.

With a strong hand at the helm Portis might be able to tone it down and avoid being a team cancer, but why risk it? The risk to reward ratio simply doesn't work anymore for a player that has lost a couple of steps and engendered so much negativity among his teammates. See ya CPo, wouldn't wanna beeya. :ciao:

Stinky Schlereth said:
"He went to an AFC Championship Game with Jake Plummer as the starting quarterback. That’s what people should know. He went to the playoffs with Gus Frerotte, Brian Griese, with Jake Plummer. He had six different thousand-yard rushers. What caught up to Mike was a bad string of poor free agent choices and poor draft picks.
This is the only thing that worries me a bit about Shanny. He's a damn good coach, but "A man's got to know his limitations." As with Holmgren, Shanny the coach did a great job but couldn't overcome the deficiencies of Shanny the GM. Hopefully that doesn't happen here....whether through improvements in his talent evaluation skills/strategy or through him eventually relinquishing control over personnel.


I keep getting the same ol **** from other fans. Bla bla he won't be better than Gibbs II, he was nothing without Elway.

Personally, I just think people are scared of us again, which I like :D

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