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What Is The Real Reason Why RG3 Is Being Shutdown For The Season?

What say you?

  • Shanny wants to be fired, but paid.

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So what is the consensus here? What's the most likely reason in your mind? There are a ton of theories. What's your best guess?
Those conversations are going on in about 5 existing threads right now :)
We're weaning the fanbase off of Robert so we can draft Famous Jameis.
I think Shanny is hoping Cousins does real well and helps him and Kyle save face. I hope Cousins does well. He certainly should get some playing time since the team was eliminated. I don't know where Kyle goes from here. He had a promising future at one time. I'm certain that is on his mind as well.
It's a win/win for Shammy, assuming he is out the door.

I'm sure he wants Cousins to do very well. We all should.

That way, if he does land another job, he might be the guy willing to trade for Cousins, as he already knows his system, and has a couple years of his tutelage under his belt.

And if not, he walks out the door leaving a full blown QB controversy in his wake, for Snyder & Co. to deal with.
So there's no consensus yet on this week's episode of the NFL Honey Boo Boo show.

It may be a combination of all three of the choices listed in the poll.
all 3 + the idea that maybe he is doing what's best for the organization

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