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What do you make of our new GM?

How do you feel about the Redskins having a new General Manager?

  • Shut up and kiss me!

    Votes: 1 4.0%
  • Quick - pour gatorade on him!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I'm reserving judgment - time will tell.

    Votes: 16 64.0%
  • It depends on who our Head Coach turns out to be.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Same hand - different puppet.

    Votes: 1 4.0%
  • I'm more optimistic than I've been in a decade.

    Votes: 7 28.0%

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Yeah. That's right. We gots a GM.

Maybe Redskins fans aren't ignorant fan-boys and girls afterall. They've said for years, we need to focus on the trenches and that the team sorely needs a GM. Apparently, someone in Ashburn finally decided they might have a point?

Who knew?

So burgundy and obsessed friends, how do you feel about Bruce Allen, your new General Manager?
Yep, we now have one. I hope he's allowed to do the job.

That's why I voted wait & see. Not for Allen, for Snyder.
I also voted wait and see-the thorn has been pulled out but the wound remains-and it may heal, bleed for a little while, or become infected. I'll reserve judgment until I see the new arrangement in operation.
I voted wait and see, but only because the return of Gibbs had me more optimistic than this. I do think this is a tremendous step in the right direction!
I wouldn't quite say I'm at the level of cautious optimism yet.

Maybe cautious non-pessimism. :)
The hiring of Allen is different than the return of Gibbs. While Gibbs was a Super Bowl coach he had never proven to be an established personnel man as Bill Parcells did over time.

The problem with the Redskins under Gibbs 2.0 is not that he was not coaching them or preparing them to play, but that the talent level was not where it needed to be. And unfortunately that didn't change for the better over time. The team was always short on depth and younger players that were working on value contracts.

Allen is a more important hire because he then hires both the coach AND the players that will be on the team.

In this regard, the Redskins will become a more functional organization as the coach will have a system and the GM will acquire players to help the coach run that system.

Vinny didn't do that.

We ran a base 4-3 on defense and yet when Philip Daniels went down we didn't replace him with a trade for an established left defensive end strong against the run, but instead traded for a 244 pound, 34 year old player in Jason Taylor who the team asked to switch sides and become a run down DE in the NFC East.

Just one example of where the front office really let the DC down.

What was Blache going to say?

He then had two players in Taylor and Andre Carter that played the same position and nobody to actually replace Daniels!

And Bill Parcells really fleeced Washington on the compensation. A #2 and #6 pick for the 34 year old who had one year left on his contract at $8M?

Geez, the Colts only surrendered a #2 to acquire Anthony McFarland at DT from the Bucs and at 28 he helped Indianapolis win the Super Bowl in 2006. He was injured in 2007 but that could happen to any player.

The fact remains Polian went out and got the player Tony Dungy needed to run HIS system on defense and at a time when the Colts WERE ON THE DOORSTEP OF A SUPER BOWL RUN.

If the Colts were set to be a .500 team at 8-8 in 2006 Polian would not have made that move.
Allen is a more important hire because he then hires both the coach AND the players that will be on the team.

Actually, its been stated over and over that Allen is NOT a personnel guy. So this means one of two things:

1) Snyder is going to bring in a personnel guy like DeCosta from Baltimore, OR

2) Shanahan (or whichever coach ends up here) is going to be given control of personnel.
That's not true.

Allen did not come up through the scouting side of the business but has developed the ability to evaluate players and has managed the draft.

It might be interesting to note here that while Beathard was GM, Bill Devaney was the top scout and was the one that actually 'found' some of the core talent the Redskins used to win 3 Super Bowls.

Also remember that while he has good personnel skills, Bill Parcells depends on Jeff Ireland to help run the personnel side of things in Miami.

People are freaking out here because Allen is not the one that is going to go to North Dakota State to scout a punter the team may take in the 7th round of the draft :laugh:


Most GMs leave that responsibility to the chief scout and his team in developing the dossiers on the various players.
Oh, I'm not freaking out at all, I'm just curious who Allen and/or Snyder are going to bring in to handle most of the scouting, if they're going to keep Campbell, or if the new HC is going to handle it.
For what its worth, I asked the scout from MovetheSticks.com (formerly of the Browns and Ravens) what he thought about Bruce Allen, and this was his reply:

"I don't personally know Bruce Allen... Reputation is of a very genuine, good guy that is really savvy with contract side..."

Looks like "Reserve Judgement" wins.

Well have to wait and see if Turdblossom stays in his office on draft day or whether he's got Madeen fired up already

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