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WEx: The future of coach Zorn rests in Campbell's hands



The future of coach Zorn rests in Campbell's hands

By: Rick Snider
Examiner Sports Columnist
July 19, 2009

Albert Haynesworth won't determine the Washington Redskins' fortunes this fall. Neither will Brian Orakpo, Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley or Santana Moss.

It all comes down to quarterback Jason Campbell. Eleven days before training camp opens, the Redskins still wonder if Campbell can lead them.

Four years after trading two first-rounders to draft Campbell, the Redskins twice tried to replace him over the offseason. First the trade for Jay Cutler didn't work, then plans for drafting Mark Sanchez failed. Instead, Campbell is the lamest duck since Daffy.

Campbell is a free agent after this season. If he doesn't play well, coach Jim Zorn probably exits, too. Their fortunes and futures are intertwined.

Owner Dan Snyder wants the second coming of Brett Favre. Instead, the Redskins are saddled with a passer dealt more aces and eights than Wild Bill Hickock.

Campbell's biggest problem this season won't be blitzing linebackers around the right side, but teammates in his own locker room. They know Campbell is not the future quarterback, barring a Pro Bowl year that forces the Redskins to re-sign him. If Campbell and the team falter, there's curiosity over Colt Brennan getting his chance in the waning weeks.

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I think Snider's dead-on, although I'm not as convinced as he is that if Campbell doesn't produce big-time this season, it means an unequivocal departure for Zorn as well. Not that fairness has a thing to do with NFL front office decision-making, but no one can fault Zorn if Campbell proves not to have what it takes - he inherited the guy. I think Campbell better impress early and often though, because I think Zorn may be as uncertain of what Snyder/Cerrato might do if the skins' stumble this season as we are. That equals a quick hook if JC looks shaky early on IMHO.
Man, there's so much stuff going on with this issue.

First, Campbell can't be feeling all lovey about the Skins after this past offseason. But in order to get the big contract from either us or someone else, he's got to play, so I think we'll see his best this year one way or another

Second, I still think the danny is looking to Cowher or some other established coach for next year. If either Campbell or Zorn tank, I think it's over for Zorn.

Third, it's the line stupid. Yes, we finally, finally addressed the line, but if the injury bug bites again I don't think we addressed it enough

We'll see
I think we've all known for a while that Zorn and Campbell are joined at the hip for the next 5 1/2 to 6 months. If one fails, they both fail.

While it's possible the team could be improved and still finish 8-8, I think that, or even a 9-7 record, puts both guys on the bubble. On the other hand, a losing record will assuredly mean the departure of both men. With Mike Shanahan almost assuredly guaranteed a Head Coaching gig next year and Bill Cowher and Mike Holmgren on the fence, Danny can put up the big money, once again, to get his man.

No owner is his right mind would let Shanahan pick his own Defensive Coordinator so that wouldn't be an issue. This marriage is looming unless Zorn and Campbell can find a way to turn around an anemic offense and average somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 points per game and get the Skins back into the playoffs. Not sure exactly what goals our FO has set but it wouldn't surprise me if winning a playoff game will be needed to save the twins.
the whole point of Snyder bringing in Zorn was so he could work with Campbell and have him max. out his potential.

If the FO thinks that the failures of the team rests on Campbell, then they would think Zorn failed with his main job of developing Campbell.
A good piece by Snider ... as anyone who seriously covers the NFL knows, when it's all said and done, what separates the pretenders from the contenders year in and year out is the quarterback. The Redskins have the surrounding/supporting pieces in place to be a legitimate contender. What they need now is The Man to pull the trigger.

Jason has this year--maybe less than that--to show whether or not he is that Man.
I still think the line is going make or break both CAmpbell and the season

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