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Westbrook Offered a Deal

What a GREAT backfield this would be...........if this were 2006. ;)

I'd be surprised if he signed with us but I guess that depends on whether he has any other offers. It would behoove him to sign soon, if he's gonna do it, so he can learn the offense. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if only two, three at the most, out of Portis, LJ, Parker or Westbrook were around come opening day.
Well that would certainly change the nature of the Portis vs. Westbrook debates.
This will make for an interesting training camp/preseason to be sure. Seems like Portis and LJ are similar, and Parker and WB are somewhat similar. I guess the staff picks one from each group, then keeps Torain to devlelop?
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It's Brian that was offered a contract. :)

I would love to see him used as a third down specialist and as a slot receiver. If his knee is good he is still a heck of a threat. Of course both he and Clinton may be just one good hit away from done though.
It was also reported that Kyle Shanahan stated Clinton Portis was the starting RB going into training camp.

Oh yeah Chris, I was thinking Byron and Bryon . I should know better since my name is Brian. :anonymous:
Seems to me (although what do I know) that Portis and LJ are boh rythmn rushers and need to carry the ball early and often to be effective. WB and Parker could be third down backs, with WB offering a little more versatility. However, i think it unlikely that we keep both WB and Portis (if we even sign WB of course) given their concussion history, if we keep only three RB on the roster. Given that Portis has been named the starter, I would think we will keep four backs if we sign WB: Portis, WB and LJ/Parker and Torain.

Competition anyone?
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Aint lookin good for Parker according to Rich....

"Speaking of lost steps, to a few observers at minicamp it looked like Willie Parker did not have much burst in his game. He probably looks a lot like he did the last two years in Pittsburgh when he averaged 3.8 yards a carry. Since Parker is not a power runner by any means, and since he doesn’t play special teams, it’s difficult to envision him sticking around unless he, literally, gets back up to speed."
If he's got anything left, a Westbrook hire makes perfect sense, seeing as he's played with our QB for the past eight years. If we are going to sign an older RB this is the guy I'd sign. Of all the geriatric RBs on the roster he's the best third down back available.
Even at this point in their careers, Portis as the 1st and 2nd down back with WB as the 3rd down back is a pretty exciting combination. Not to mention Larry Johnson coming in to spell Portis.
Even at this point in their careers, Portis as the 1st and 2nd down back with WB as the 3rd down back is a pretty exciting combination. Not to mention Larry Johnson coming in to spell Portis.

Even with their ages, wear and tear, I think this is actually an exciting proposition.
I have mixed feelings about Westbrook, Living in Philadelphia, I certainly know what he is capable of, but he has lost a step and has suffered some injuries in the past few season, if he was to sign, I also see 3rd down,out of the backfield plays in his future..My thought is this...Do we really need him that much?

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