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We Really Missed Portis on Sunday


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
Yeah, its a gag tag line but still carries the irony of the Redskins current situation.

The team has probably two-thirds of the cap dollars tied up in players that are either on IR or on the bench with nagging injuries.

Meanwhile street free agents Quinton Ganther and Levi Jones are serviceable enough to keep the team competitive.

There's a lesson in there for Snyder that dollars never buy desire or chemistry.

Teams like Dallas and Philly used to send 7-8 players to the pro bowl but under Gibbs I it was the Redskins that won the Super Bowl.

This team didn't have enough Otis Wonsleys and Mel Kaufmans on it before and while the team needs to add talent for 2010 it needs to watch for the playing attitude of that talent.

If a player is more Clinton Portis than London Fletcher we don't need him.
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Amen, bro!

That's why I'm hoping for an uncapped year to dump all these over-priced vets. But ultimately it won't do much good unless Snyder dumps Vinny and hires a real football person and gives him full authority. If not, we'll just be back in the same boat once the cap is reinstated.
I actually thought you were serious BD. I missed Portis in pass pro on Sunday and I think Campbell did too. Ganther is learning but we still don't have a back who can successfully stone a larger blitzer on a constant basis other than Portis.

Although your base point is still very accurate. This team does not have enough Wonselys and Kaufmans. Not sure it ever will under Snyder.
I don't think any RB could have helped on Sunday.

Jones and Heyer in particular were being beat most of the day,
Rabach was blown up the middle a few times.
It's hard to tell how good/bad Dockery and Williams looked, but it seemed they got pushed back into Campbell (ie collapsed pocket) a few times as well

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