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Watch the Space Station Grow

Pretty good animation ... gives an appreciation for the steady, if not particularly aesthetic, growth of ISS over the years. Would like to have had a little Blue Danube or something to accompany it, but then again ... like Clarke and Kubrick, I'm a romantic. :)

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Cool animation. Om, you and I are somewhat different, I guess-I would've liked a voice-over from someone like Phil Plait or Neil DeGrasse Tyson myself.
Oh, I'm not sure we're that different brother. Saying I would have liked a little Strauss to accompany it doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't like to hear a learned voice-over with it as well. Not a big fan of either/or's. :)
Maybe a voice telling HAL to open the pod bay doors...
What would be really nice would be an explanation as we see all those pieces and parts added of what the hell they are all actually for - it would actually make a pretty good Discovery Channel piece :)

Watching the animation, all I could think of is 100 years from now, when that thing's degrading orbit is going to make Spacelab coming down look like a cakewalk :)

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