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Watch Felix Baumgartner's 23 Mile Freefall Live


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He's hoping to break the sound barrier (first person with no craft to do so) and break the current freefall world record of 19.5 miles. All without dying. Good luck to the guy. BALLS OF STEEL.

Edit: The launch was supposed to take place yesterday, but they pushed it back a day due to a cold front. This morning, the launch was to take place at 8:30AM EST, but it has just been bumped to 9AM EST.

Edit: Now 10AM. Just like NASA, can't seem to do anything on time :laugh:

Edit: Now 1:30PM EST....I have a hunch it will be cancelled again.

Edit: All systems go, launch will take place at 1:15PM EST.
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Oh well. Less than 5 minutes from launch and the balloon gets blown over. Cancelled again.

Because of forecast wind and cloud cover, they likely won't have another shot until Sunday or Monday, unless they get a lucky break early tomorrow AM.
I heard the jump was canceled because they could not fit Felix's balls inside the capsule.*

*stolen from Twitter. :)
Preparations being made, waiting for winds at 700 feet to clear. Launch process scheduled to begin around 11:15AM EDT. Multiple versions of the Discovery channel are airing the launch and jump if it occurs today.
This has an Evel Kneivel 'Snake River Canyon' feel to it for me. I have a bad feeling it doesn't end well. Hope I'm wrong.
He's on his way up right now if anyone wants to catch it.
Wild. 95,000 feet now.
They're saying now that at 112,000 feet, they believe the heat sensors in his visor may have failed, but that they have almost no way to verify this without him jumping. problem is, if it is faulty and he makes the jump, the outside temps being around -100 degrees can deep freeze his head.

Don't know if I'd be willing to chance it. He says no matter what, it's his last jump ever. I hope it ends well, his fiance is looking forward to marriage and kids and retirement, it would suck for her to have to deal with a tragedy.

Approaching 120,000 feet and preparing to jump. He has enough balls for all of mankind.
It's go time.
He's going to be at 130,000 feet before he gets out of the capsule...wow.
This is a record that may never be broken. Fingers crossed that he will make it.
Seems to me, they are making it much more dangerous by lollygagging around at what's now 7,000 ft higher than their original plan. Jump already.
Sudden ascent again. They said they were going to open a valve on the balloon to lower it a bit, but he's still climbing!
Seriously. They just now started the checklist countdown at 127,000 feet, wtf?

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