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Washington Post: Virginia basketball hangs to beat N.C. State

17 wins, 4-2 in the ACC - I'm so pumped about UVa being relevant again in basketball. Only losses to date one by a bucket in their third game of the year in a tournament against TCU, and a road loss of 3 points at the hands of Duke (a game they damn near won).

It will be special to root for them in the NCAAs since they've so rarely been a part of it in recent years.
17-3 is a great start. It will be tough until Sene comes back in late February/early March, but they can hold their own until then. The three losses have been by two points, three points, and two points. Being that close to 20-0 is very impressive.

Just hoping that Coach Bennett can continue to recruit good players and establish a good, consistent program in the years to come.
Do they still have Farakahn's son, or did he graduate?
It will be special to root for them in the NCAAs since they've so rarely been a part of it in recent years.

I am quietly thinking the same thing (don't want to jinx them). I have not paid more than passing attention to March Madness in years because the Cavs haven't made it in but this year might just be different.
They'll get in - I don't think it's even a question this season barring a total collapse.
I'm afraid out beloved Hoos are running out of gas. Just not enough quality depth to spell the starters and these guys are tired.
It's the same old thing. Got our hopes up and then it was kaput. They will lose in the first round of the NCAAs. Glad that Zeglinski is graduating - ugh. Losing too much to graduation though - could be a few years until they make another run and fizzle out again.
Yeah - I'll be surprised if that doesn't hold true BB, but maybe they'll surprise us. I'm not getting my hopes up though. I'll root for the LAX boys instead.

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