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Warp Speed FA?


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I just found thid from Rich Tandler. There may be an awful lot to get done in a very short time.

Delay of game? Free agency may start later
Posted on July 18, 2011 by Rich Tandler
Although it looks like the CBA is on track to get approved by the NFL owners on Thursday, it doesn’t look like free agency will begin immediately after that.

There were reports over the weekend that a Thursday approval would mean that teams would be able to start signing their own free agents on Friday. Now, however, it appears that the process will be delayed a bit.

A memo that the NFL sent out to the teams today indicated that if the CBA did get approved on Thursday there would be a two-day seminar, starting shortly after the end of the ratification meeting, to bring team executives up to speed on the provisions of the CBA. They would then take the weekend to digest everything and prepare to sign players.

According to reports, teams will be able to start signing their own free agents and undrafted college players next Monday, July 25. Full-blown free agency would start on Thursday, July 28.

The Redskins should be starting training camp right around that Thursday. There is no work on if that would be delayed.

Article link: http://realredskins.com/2011/07/delay-of-game-free-agency-may-start-later/
I dinna have enough power, Cap'n. I'm doin' the best I kin!

Could be a really, fun, crazy period. The most prepared and the most stable teams will probably do best. I know we have 45 million to spend that we have to spend, but I still hope that we don't go binging. A couple three hundred pounders, maybe a corner, and a damn good punter.
Like I posted in one of the other FA threads, we will have a three day window to sign our FAs (if both sides agree) and then it will open up to all FAs.

Warp speed? Hard to say. But we'll see FA happen and tracking Redskins One will be a blast.
August is going to be a blast league wide. There is going to be football news overload. I cannot wait.

Really hope Bruce has some blue collar players lined up to spend that $45 mil on. No superstars, I think we are all tired of that route.

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