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WaPo: What Snyder could learn from Steinbrenner


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Jul 15, 2009
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Thomas Boswell: What Snyder could learn from Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner III needed 20 years to figure out baseball. What he finally decided was that he would never figure it out at all.

Maybe Daniel Snyder, a different person in a very different sport, can reach the same conclusion with 10 years less pain.

At least Snyder and his Redskins have one advantage over the Boss and his Yankees: Steinbrenner went to three World Series and won two of them in his first six years as an owner. That success fooled him into believing he knew what he was doing.

In 10 years in the NFL, Snyder hasn't left a ripple. So, maybe it's dawning on him, as it finally did on Steinbrenner, that you can know an enormous amount about a sport and a team that you love and yet, after years of labor, still be essentially clueless. ....

http://mobile.washingtonpost.com/rss.jsp?rssid=879&item=+http%3a%2f%2fwww.washingtonpost.com%2fwp-syndication%2farticle%2f2009%2f11%2f05%2fAR2009110505031_mobile.xml+&cid=459&spf=1 (my apologies if the mobile link doesn't work)
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This is a great article by Boswell that has actually changed my view about whether we'd be better off if Snyder moved the team elsewhere. After all, if Steinbrenner figured it out, maybe Snyder can too. Obviously the first step is jettisoning "Vinny Me". If that happens and Snyder replaces him with a respected GM candidate, whether an established guy or an up and comer, I'd say we're on our way to improvement. If Vinny stays or if he's replaced by another croney, well... :(
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Oh how I'd love to believe he was capable of personal growth. I just don't believe it. I thnk the most disturbing thing about Snyder is his propensity to show one face (when he shows it at all) to the public, and one quite different to those around him and in private. And from all reports (and my own personal experience), the 'real Dan Snyder' isn't a very attractive personality. Now Bulldog will jump in here any second and say 'that doesn't matter' because it's what's done on the field that really counts. But I think it does matter, because Snyder's core arrogance is holding this franchise back - bigtime - and until he comes to terms with that, we'll never have major or sustained success. I think that's really where Steinbrenner and he differ. The ability to set that arrogance aside for a grander goal.
Wow, you're fast. Caught me in mid edit. :)

Good points Boone, I've said as much about his personality flaws and their effect on the team's success on the field. However, being "of a certain age" myself I've seen my views and ideas mellow over the years. As Boswell says, it's possible that, at least in part, had something to do with Steinbrenner's change. Hopefully the same will hold true for our little tyrant as well.
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