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Want to share with my "second family"

Happy hour starts in 5 minutes


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Joe Gibbs Club Member
Aug 2, 2009
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Wheeling, WV

And I do feel like you all are my second family. Some of you are friends with me on facebook and may already know this. And I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here. Taz, my dog, who is 16-17 years old (not sure exactly, rescued him from a shelter in 2000 and we know he was at least 2), has cancer. He has a tumor on his rear end that looks like a grapefruit growing out from under his tail. It doesn't hurt him, doesn't affect his ability to potty, etc. But..... read on if you want, if not that's okay too.

Written yesterday (Friday) on my Facebook page: Well, just got back from vet with Taz. The good news.. the vet said that if he didn't know about the cancer, according to the rest of his health, his activity level, etc., he'd never believe this is a 16-17 year old dog. The bad news... well.. the tumor has grown substantially up into his abdomen to the point where it is probably pressing on some organs (most likely his stomach as sometimes he does have issues with eating and throwing up and vet says that's probably why). Right now it is not painful (trust me, if it was painful, that dog would have been whining and yelping the entire time in the vet, but he wasn't)... but it has grown up into his abdomen. Vet could not give me any sort of prognosis but it all depends on the tumor and if it should decide to start pressing on vital structures (i.e., aorta, kidneys, intestines that could cause a blockage)... and something like that will be obvious to me should it start happening. I'm not happy obviously about the tumor growing so fast. His incessant drinking (and subsequent peeing) is partially his age, but could be diabetes or an adrenal problem caused by the cancer. If diabetic, he said the oral meds could make the tumor worse. If he were younger, I'd go more for treating the diabetes, but vet is leaning more towards it being an adrenal problem because he will drink literally until he can't breathe and then choke because he hasn't breathed while drinking. In any event... the good news is that he seems "okay" with regards to not being in pain, etc. But the bad news which is something I was afraid of is that the tumor is substantially larger to the point of being in danger of perhaps putting pressure on some of the vital structures in the abdomen/pelvis. I can only hope.

I added an addendum that I was really having trouble dealing with yesterday because of the implications. The incessant drinking/thirst could also be pituitary in nature and if it is, it may or may not be cancer related. If it is cancer related it means it has spread to his brain. I am really having a tough time with that one.

I've had to make this decision with several dogs. But while I'm not saying Taz is my "favorite" he is going to be the hardest (hopefully it won't be anytime soon)... as he is the last dog I will own. I'm 60 years old and I physically at times, as well as schedule wise with my work schedule, have to depend on others to take care of him. A dog as any animal lover knows is also a financial commitment. Has nothing to do with not WANTING a dog, it has to do with the reality of the logistics, and whether it is fair for a dog that I may rescue when I know I can't give him/her the best care I can.

In any event, if you've read this far, thank you. If you haven't it's okay (well if you read that last sentence, I guess you have read it).

I apologize if this is something that doesn't belong here. But I do feel this is sortof a second family; especially during the season during chats, but even year round as I am always lurking.

Peace... and HTTR

Dead Money

, Mike Wise HATE'r
Jul 25, 2009
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Sorry you've had to go through this...of course this "belongs" here...we ARE family here. These things are never easy nor should they be I reckon. Keep your chin up, Taz is better for knowing you, dont ever forget that. We'll be hrre thinking nothing but good thoughts for you both!


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BGO Ownership Group
Apr 11, 2009
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Greensboro, NC

Marine Corps Virginia

Saying goodbye to any creature you love, be it human or not, be it over an extended period, or suddenly, is hard. But I also find that pain and sadness is part of life - let's face it, it is being open to loving everything around you, that ultimately creates the ability to feel loss. We're glad you're here and feel like you can share with us. I am so sorry about your beloved Taz, but as DM said, he is lucky to have had you in his life. I hope however everything transpires, it is peaceful and pain-free.

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