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Tryon Puts Rocky Rookie Season Behind Him

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Jul 16, 2009
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Tryon Puts Rocky Rookie Season Behind Him
Cornerback Justin Tryon quickly got off to a rough start with the Redskins after being selected in the fourth round of the 2008 draft.

In an introductory conference call with reporters, Tryon immediately inserted his foot into his mouth, making bold predictions about taking a starting job from one of the team's veteran corners, among other things. His comments were so outrageous that even the loquacious Fred Smoot thought the kid had said too much, prompting Smoot to pull Tryon aside for some sage counseling.

"I told him, 'You can't come in here like that,' " Smoot, who has mentored Tryon, recalled recently. "The young fella knew he made a mistake, and I just let him know his teammates are here for him. But you just have to let your play do the talking."

And that didn't go so well, either.

Tryon, listed at 5-feet-9 and 183 pounds, often appeared overmatched in coverage last preseason. He mostly played special teams and had little impact defensively.



Working in the off-season with Darrell Green is a good step in overcoming the ills of his rookie season. Tryon has some nice speed, not at the level of Green, but given Tryon's size comparison, Green was the perfect tutor.

I actually like the look of the secondary. Rogers, Hall, Smoot, Tryon and Barnes to me is a formidable 5 corners. Landry and Horton as starters at Safety with Reed Doughty and Kareem Moore makes for a potent safety secondary. Is Moore having a good camp? I get mixed signals in all the articles I read.

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