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Travel List (And Wish List)


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Aug 1, 2009
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I was thinking about this when Win4us mentioned he'd never been to Disney and my reaction to having no interest in going.

Where have you been? And where would you go if you had the time and/or money to do it?

I have been to Germany, Mexico, British Columbia and the Dominican Republic...I have also been to 46 of the 50 states.

As for my wish list...I want to go to Tanzania. If I could, I would take the trek from Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town South Africa it's a 4 month journey through most of Africa's East Coast and into South Africa. But ultimately it looks like this is the trip I will take with my son when he's old enough since I will likely never have 4 months to do something like that.


I would love to travel across India to see the Taj Mahal. The only problem I hear about the Taj Mahal is the destitution surrounding it's magnificence and the weather...apparently the air is thick with smog and you rarely get a good view of the whole thing unless you are there at the right moment.

And lastly, Samarkand. I would love to explore the silk route and see the one time center of the earth.
I haven't been many places; I've been to England (London), France (Paris), Belize & Mexico (EDIT: oh, and I took a cruise that stopped in Nassau for the day. Nassau almost shouldn't count as the Bahamas though). We are planning a trip to Thailand in November, which will be my first trip to Asia.

My wish list:
Australia/New Zealand
Africa (Madagascar for sure)
South of France
Czech Republic
more of Central America - Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua

That's just a few places on my list.
Mike, when I was in college, I spoke to many younger students about their travel plans for the summer and I always suggested they see America first. For a month, you can get a pass to go wherever Greyhound goes in the lower 48. Why wouldn't someone take a month off to travel this country when they are in school? That pass covers your travel, and youth hostels are only about 20 bucks a night... I always suggest they put a rental car for certain areas in their budget too. Not all areas, just most.
well, now that I have a partner in crime I think we are going to have to start venturing out more. Grand Canyon most likely this summer..

thats a cool idea though..I wish I would have done that at 25.

They have shorter trips too Mike...7 day and 14 day. Or at least they used to...
Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Alaska. There are a ton of sites around the U.S. I'd love to see, but waaaaay too many on my list to name.

Ireland and Scotland because most of my family before my parents came from Blackrock in Ireland, and Glasgow in Scotland. Italy, because my mom's maternal side is from Sicily and I've always wanted to see it. And since I've always loved cooking, and learned from my Sicilian grandmother when I was a kid, I've always wanted to go for the food.

As far as Alaska goes.....it's Alaska. Shooting **** is fun, the fishing would be killer, and just the amazing beauty of it all would be awesome.
We're going to a wedding next April in Scotland, so we will likely do Ireland as well while out there. I'd LOVE to play St. Andrews, not sure how hard it is to get on, or if you even can?
I've been to 47 of the US states and had amazing experiences during those family and solo trips.

I've been to way too many countries to list. However, to date, my favorites have been Zambia, Botswana, Madagascar, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy and Malta

Places I still really, really want to visit:
Egypt (I had a chance to visit on my way back from Madagascar and was going to meet a friend there, but money was too tight for me then. I am kicking myself now because it was only a few months prior to when all hell broke loose over there and I don't know when or if I'll ever get to visit. Oh well. Wasn't meant to be.)
And I'd go back to Madagascar in a heartbeat. The ecosystem there is beyond incredible.

Anyway, that's just a few places :)

International travel is one of my favorite hobbies. :D I'll go anywhere, anytime, without a set itinerary and will stay in a mud hut if I have to, I don't care. One of my favorite trips was a few years ago and I pulled it together in less than a week. One day my best friend called me up and told me she had just lost her job. So I, being the good friend I am, thought a week and a half long trip to Europe would cheer her up. I was single and had the time to take off and she had enough hotel and airline points built up from her job that her flight and our hotels were basically free. We flew into Budapest then just hopped on trains and did as many countries and cities as we could fit in before we had to fly back home. Holy crap that was a fun trip! Lol! Hopefully we'll get that impromptu hair up our butts at some point again, good memories. I cherish those experiences and memories more than any material thing I'll ever have :)

IMO, the secret to the best budgetary travel is to go in the offseason. If you don't mind touring Prague or Berlin during a snowstorm, it's the cheapest and least crowded at that time :D
I'm like Special K in that I love to travel and would rarely turn down the opportunity to go somewhere so long as it's affordable for me. There are a few locales on my "must visit before I die" list, though:

Every US state I haven't yet been to
Anywhere in Europe
South Korea
Traveled most of the country over the years. Pretty sure my next domestic stop will be Utah. I want to see the speed runs at the Salt Flats before there gone. Yes, the salt flats will likely be gone within our lifetime. Head to Montana from there, as I have a few buddies out there, and I have a place to stay, and a choice of bikes to ride.

I've hit a few stops north of the border... Victoria, Qubeck, Onterio, and some south of the border... TJ, and Mexico City.

I want to see South America as many have done, riding a light duel sport bike down one coast, and up the other.

Only spent an afternoon in Belgium, and the same with Munich, so they don't count in reality. My problem is, I need about a month or so in each country I want to visit...

I often say, I want to retire in Italy. That way, I can die trying to see everything I want on that side of the pond. There's just too many places I want to visit to list. Love the obscure places off the beaten path. The good part is I have lots of friends world wide.

Like to make it to New South Whales to hang with some Rocker buddies down under.

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