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Tragedy in Kansas City

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They are now reporting it was 25 year-old LB Jovian Belcher. I had never heard of him before now; so sad to learn his name in this fashion. 25? Wow...
This story sickens me. The thing that bothered me most about losing ST was the fact that his daughter would grow up fatherless. Belcher took his child's mother AND father, and irrevocably shattered two families.

I couldn't care less about the suicide, cold as that sounds. If you want to go, fine, go. But DO NOT take anyone else with you. I can't have sympathy for Belcher, I'm sorry. But my heart definitely aches for the family members involved. Can you imagine, as a parent, watching your child (adult or not) killed in front of you? Good Lord.

After that, my thoughts turn to Romeo Crennell and Scott Pioli. I don't know what went down there, other than that he thanked both gentlemen for all they had done for him, before turning the gun on himself. I hope they don't have to live their lives wondering if they could have done something, ANYTHING, that might have led to a different result.

I pray for the families, and the witnesses to this senseless tragedy; and for the Chiefs players who will take the field tomorrow with overwhelmingly heavy hearts. I'll root for them tomorrow. Not because I have any respect at all for Belcher. I couldn't have less. But because they are moving forward in spite of today's events.

God bless everyone affected by today's horrific events. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
killed his girlfriend in front of their child and her mother?

dude deserves NO sympathy or pity. what a senseless tragedy.

Completely agree, the sad part is the mother and the baby, to hell with him.

I had a buddy in HS that this happened to his older sister. Psycho bastard shot her then himself. No kids were envolved but it was such a coward act. Wish he'd just ended himself without her.
The Chiefs should not do a single thing to "honor" him tomorrow. He is a murderer and took his own daughters parents from her. Not to mention what the he has done to the people who watched him off himself.
I will wait to pass judgment on him until after all the details are sorted out - if this was due to some sort of severe depression or chemical imbalance, it may not have been entirely his fault. Its tough to not judge people, especially in situations like this, but until more information is known, how can anyone make a sound judgment?

There are so many "what ifs" to consider...
Reports of a Cleveland Browns' employee committing suicide at their facility are now surfacing...sheesh!
dude was out all night before doing this. he killed his girlfriend in front of her mom. good riddance to him, it's a shame he was able to take someone with him.
I guess its just hard for me to not feel compassion for him AND his family - dude was a true NFL success story; and by all accounts (except a Deadspin commenter who said that they treated him for punching through a window as an EMT back in Maine) was a good guy. To flip a switch like that, just makes me think something bad happened to him, or he had something else going on. We all have our demons, some can handle them better than others.

Once the full details come out, it will be easier to pass judgment. Until then, I just can't help but feel badly for him, his family and especially his newborn.
Well, the story is turning into a real tragedy.

Apparently the gist of the story is
- Girl goes out to something late - i believe a concert
- Dude gets made in unnecessarily jealous way, goes out and gets bombed
- Dude decides to swing by 'some girl's' apartment around 2/3am, but she doesn't live there anymore, some other people do. They decide to let him stay and sleep it off - he asks them to wake him up at 6:30am.
- Dude gets up, still drunk, goes and sleeps in car
- Cops find him, still drunk, sleeping in car. let him go home
- Shoots girl 9 times in front of her mother
- Shoots himself infront of coach and owner in the parking lot, they tried to talk him down but ultimately couldn't.
agreed. i'm happy I've successfully avoided hearing about it since my last post.

only thing I want to know is what is going to be done to the police officers that let him go... he should have been detained. this shouldn't have happened - at least not that way. who knows if he would have still done it.
Belcher and Perkins were arguing about the paternity of their child, on the morning of the tragic incident. The implication is that Perkins was suggesting he wasn't necessarily the father.

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