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Trading for 35 year-old Peyton Manning?

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The NFL is king. Feel free to pay your respects.

Lanky Livingston


Trading For 35-Year-Old Peyton Manning? Let’s Ask Former Chiefs’ GM Carl Peterson, Who Traded for 36-Year-Old Joe Montana

We’ve been monitoring the Andrew Luck sweepstakes for just about a year now, and increasingly, it looks like the Stanford QB will end up in Miami or Indianapolis.

The Colts appear to have the slight edge because the Dolphins are at least competing and lost their last two games in overtime and the 4th quarter; since a loss to Cincinnati three weeks ago, Indianapolis looks uninterested.

When the conversation turns to Luck and the Colts, speculation centers around two things: 1) Andrew Luck would be an understudy to Peyton Manning for a year or two, then take the baton and carry the franchise for the next 12-15 years, kind of the way Aaron Rodgers replaced Brett Favre in Green Bay and 2) The Colts might consider trading the best player in franchise history and giving the keys to Luck.

Forget about teams giving up No. 1 picks to try and get Andrew Luck … what about teams trading for Peyton Manning?

What might a 4-time NFL MVP be worth? Recently, I spoke with Carl Peterson, former GM of the Kansas City Chiefs. We talked about Andrew Luck. And trades. And the draft. Peterson knows a bit about trading for aging QBs around draft time: In 1993, he shook up the Chiefs’ franchise by trading for 36-year old Joe Montana, who at the time was a bigger deal than Manning is now (Montana was a 3-time Super Bowl MVP). Manning turns 36 in March, less than a month before the 2012 draft.

“I never like to give up 1st round draft choices,” Peterson told me. “I would only give them up for an experienced, very talented, proven quarterback. And I did that in 1993 when I traded for a guy named Joe Montana,” he said with a chuckle. “I had no problem doing that. He took us to an AFC title game the next year.”

In 1992, the Chiefs lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs to the Bills, and then in the first round in 1993 to the Chargers. It was evident after getting blanked by San Diego that 34-year-old Dave Kreig’s best years were behind him, which led to the trade for Montana. San Francisco had Steve Young ready to take over the 49ers’ offense, and despite Montana’s popularity, the 49ers dealt him, a safety and a third round pick in 1994 for KC’s 1993 first-rounder (18th overall).

Montana led the Chiefs to the AFC title game, but suffered a concussion and was knocked out in the third quarter and the Bills cruised to victory, 30-13. (Shocking stat: The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game – 0-6 – since the two Montana led them to in 1993).

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A first rounder is a little high. I never realized that's what the Chiefs gave up for Montana.

Lanky Livingston

A first rounder is a little high. I never realized that's what the Chiefs gave up for Montana.
Well, to be fair they also got a safety (don't know who) and a 3rd round pick in addition to Montana. But yeah, generally I agree that a first would be a bit much for Manning. But if the Iggles were able to get a 2nd for McNugget....

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