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Total Mind**** Dream That Continued After Waking


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Apr 1, 2011
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Rarely, if ever does anything blow my mind. Yesterday, it happened. I am still at a loss for words over what to make of it.

After my Uncle died last weekend, he has stayed on my mind a lot. My sister hadn't talked to him in over 10 years though. No animosity, just constantly conflicting schedules that result from living in different states. Her being out of touch with him so long makes what I'm about to tell you that much more mind blowing.

My Uncle used to call me knot head all the time. Two days ago, I had an extremely vivid dream where I was at the beach tying off a boat, and I kept hearing someone in the background yelling knot head. It kept getting louder and louder until I realized it was my Uncle standing next to me telling me I had to listen closely because he had a message for me, and it was important because he couldn't get in touch with anyone else.

The whole time, I kept doing what I was doing with the boat, and he was standing to my side talking to me. I heard him talking in his unmistakeably distinct voice, but I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying. After a while of him talking, he punched me in the arm and said "damn it knot head, you better write this **** down, it's important. You're the only one I can get this message to." At that point in my dream, I turned to look at him and asked him to repeat everything, but he just told me he couldn't, because he had to leave. As he was walking away, he just kept saying "it isn't what you think, it's all wrong, it didn't happen." He kept repeating this over and over again. The thing that made it really mess with my head, is I ended up waking up startled, and even though I was fully awake, I heard him repeat it crystal clear in my ear again, followed by him saying "ask Jimmy." After I was awake. Jimmy was his best friend of over 20 years, but they had a falling out after my Uncle's wife left him for Jimmy about 15 years ago. It gave me goose bumps, and it really got to me.

Last night, my sister calls me, extremely shaken up. This is a girl who doesn't rattle over anything, to the point people think she's either not human or just heartless. She's like a piece of steel emotionally. I knew something was wrong, so I asked her why she sounded so shook up. She just said "have you had any dreams about Alan?" So I told her I had just had one the night before that freaked me out. Before I said anything else, she asked me with what sounded like horror in her voice what had happened in mine. After I explained it to her, she freaked out crying hysterically. She said she had just woke up from a dream where she was on a boat coming in to the shore at the beach, and saw him standing on the beach tying to flag her down. In her dream, she hopped off the boat and went running toward him, and he handed her a piece of paper. She said he told her "I have a message for you, it's extremely important. I just talked to your brother, but he didn't get the message. It's important you give this to him." Then she woke up, and she said after she woke up, she heard his voice in her ear saying "it's very important, it explains everything, please help me, it's not what you think."

Needless to say, we are both freaking out trying to make sense of it all. We had extremely similar dreams, and both were supposed to be getting an important message that explained everything and he needed help, it wasn't what we think, etc. and we both heard him after waking up.

This itself is a total mind **** for both of us, but it went a step further a few hours ago. When he died, the investigation shows that he was walking down a wet pier in the rain drunk, and slipped off the dock, hit his head on the boat, and fell in the water and drowned. My cousin said the questions she has asked had weird answers that didn't add up, and that his boat was docked parallel instead of perpendicular, making the explanation nearly impossible. Then she asked me if I've seen Jimmy lately. It gave me the chills, because I haven't seen him since I was 18, but my Uncle mentioned him in my dream. Then I got a call from my brother, who I haven't talked to in months, to ask me if I had tried to call him from a phone in NC, because he had a voicemail from a 252 number, my Uncle's area code, earlier this afternoon. He told me the time of the voicemail, and it was during the funeral. He tried to call the number back, and it said the number is disconnected. I asked what the message left for him was, and he said it just sounded like someone trying to yell something to him, but that it was so quiet he couldn't make out what they were saying.

Seriously, none of this makes a damn bit of sense, and we're all freaked out now wondering what could possibly explain this. I'm just about as baffled and freaked out as I've ever been in my entire life.
Extreme, I'm not going to preach, and I'm not going to analyze. I will simply say that I absolutely believe every word of this post. And I believe that whatever meaning you find (or do not) in these dreams and occurrences is the right one.

If you're interested, PM me. I'll share some things that have given me such unquestioned belief. Don't feel obligated at all, just saying I'm happy to if you wish. I don't want to share here because your uncle, and your story deserve to be heard without interference.

God rest him, and comfort you, brother.
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