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Today's Minicamp Quotes


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May 8, 2010

Redskins Park

Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On the health of Santana Moss:

“He is coming good. He should be going by our June mini-camp. Hopefully, there is no setback, but he is looking pretty good now.”

On Carlos Rogers and Rocky McIntosh:

“Carlos has been in from day one. He has not missed a beat. I am glad Rocky is here. He has had a couple of good days of practice.”

On his happiness with the attendance at mini-camp:

“Very happy.”

On whether Rocky McIntosh has been working out away from Redskins Park :

“This is the first time that he has been in. He has been working out on his own.”

On coaching guys who are unhappy with their contract situation:

“I do not deal with that. I am just going to deal with the people who are here. Rocky has been a very good player for us. He is a quality guy. I have talked to Rocky on a number of occasions. I am glad that he decided to come to our mini-camp. I expect him here throughout OTAs and getting ready for the season.”

On if Rocky had a lot to catch up on:

“Oh yeah. There is a lot to catch up involved, a lot of work involved. Rocky is a smart guy. He is an experienced guy. He has played well for us, and hopefully him being here throughout the offseason is going to help our football team and help him.”

On how Trent Williams has looked this week:

“Good. Trent Williams came in here, and like all rookies, it’s a growing experience. It is nice to have him here not only for the mini-camp, but for the next 13 OTA days and the next mini-camp. He will be learning all of the time, not only this system and what we expect of him, but how we practice and how we go about things. It is exciting to have all of these guys in.”

On rookies adjusting to the speed of the NFL:

“I think all of these rookies have to adjust to that. Everyone is kind of big in college, but they do not have that speed factor. All of these guys that are big can run or else they are not in the National Football League. It takes a while to adjust to that speed.”

On whether Trent Williams was injured during practice:

“I don’t think so. Probably a little tired, a little sore. Most of these guys haven’t been doing football related drills so we didn’t want to overwork them. We had a workout in the morning too with some of the young guys. We had a 45-minute workout from about 6:15 to about 7:00. Putting these guys through two-a-days you don’t want to overdue it.”

On whether there was a discussion about playing Trent Williams on the right side:

“Oh yeah there is always discussions. We decided to put him in the fire right away and see how he would adjust. He has done a pretty good job. It’s two days, it’s a little quick. It is a long process and it is nice to have him here in May and June, obviously July. We have got some time. As I tell these guys, we just try and hit it day by day. If you can get better each day then you have a chance to do something special.”

On moving guys around on the depth chart:

“It doesn’t matter what position that you play, we have guys that have been players here for a long time that are starters, first, second, third and fourth team. Everybody starts out at a position. We can go and talk about why we did that or why we did other things, but the bottom line is that we are evaluating these guys everyday, through the preseason, through the offseason program. So it is a constant evaluation. We will try some guys who are with the first team and then the next day they will be with the second team or third team. We will change things up. You guys will get to see it every one in a while when you come out here. Depending on what day you see somebody on second team and somebody on first team. That is going to be constant, just to have people compete at different positions. That will go all through the offseason program.”

On how Donovan McNabb looks compared to the first mini-camp:

“It is a start. Anytime that you go into a new system it takes some time. It is kind of like learning a new language. It takes you some time to think relative to the new language. You just have to go through it time and time again. It will come. That is what the offseason is for, to go through OTAs, to go through mini-camps so that the terminology becomes second nature. You know with how much he has experienced with football through the years, I know that he is looking forward to this terminology becoming second nature and when it does, he will feel more comfortable in the system.”

On whether it is more difficult to evaluate players with so many people on the field:

“Not at all. It is like a normal mini-camp. Some of the guys that we evaluated, some of the tryouts we evaluated this morning. That is why we had that 45-minute workout. We just had the rookies out there so that they could get a little bit of additional time out there going through some of our drill work.”

On whether he talked with Albert Haynesworth before mini-camp:

“No, I have not talked to Albert at all.”

On the signings of Chris Draft, Bobby Wade and Joey Galloway:

“We are just trying to get guys in here that compete, guys that have played well through the years. Joey Galloway can still run, he has great speed. I watched him last year in New England ’s camp. Draft obviously, is a linebacker that has played a number of different positions. Wade in Kansas City a year ago got some playing time. We bring these guys in here and have them compete. One of our goals once we do start camp is to have our top 80 guys.”

On adding veterans to the team:

“We get a chance to watch people compete. It is a very competitive business. Like you mentioned, you have some old players with some young players, some experienced veterans. You get a chance to see what they can do, not only in the offseason program, but also once mini-camp comes around you want people out there everyday. Sometimes you will have injuries. You have to go out there and field a team, field a seven-on-seven, a couple of different groups out there. It has been very good.”

On the health of Santana Moss:

“He will be ready to go in June, our June mini-camp. He has been on rehab here for about three months. I am not going to get into the surgeries or what happened to him, but basically he got cleaned up a little bit. He had a little irritation. There should be no setbacks. He should be able to go.

On the potential impact of Adam Carriker:

”There is a guy who is a former first-round draft choice that’s good size. We really felt that he was a 3-4 defensive end with the length of his arms and his size. He is going to come in here and compete. Hopefully he will add a lot of depth to our defensive line.”

On whether he expects to make anymore major roster moves:

“We will always have roster changes. I told you from the beginning that we are going to have guys in here. Guys that we feel can help our football team win are going to stay. If we feel that somebody is not practicing at a certain level or not going to be a part of our 80, then we will make those changes.”

On whether the morning session was for all three days of camp:

“All three days, two days so far.”

On who participates in the morning practice:

“All of the guys who are unsigned, plus the four free agents that we did sign, plus our draft choices working for about 45 minutes getting some individual work, a little team work and some one-on-ones. That is in addition to what you just saw out on the field.”

On whether it is disappointing to have everyone at mini-camp except one guy:

“Like I said, I think we have given that area a lot of attention thus far. Let’s concentrate on the people that work here everyday, for obvious reasons. They deserve that attention and we will go in that direction from now on.”

On his impressions of rookies Dennis Morris and Terrence Austin:

“They are just young guys trying to learn the system. It is going to take them a while to get in shape. That is going to take some time. They think they are in shape, but when they come out here and go through practice – 45-minutes in the morning and then a couple of hours in the afternoon – they realize that they have to get back in football shape. I think they feel comfortable just trying to learn the system now. It is an ongoing process and I know that they are looking forward to the OTAs to give themselves a feel of what we are trying to do on both sides of the ball. I am looking forward to working with them.”

On the status of Andre Carter and Maake Kemoeatu:

“Each guy has a timeframe that we expect him back. Kemo, we hope that he is back at the first of June. Andre Carter, I think about the same thing, right in that area. Jeremy Jarmon, I am hoping to have him by the time we start our fall camp. They are working extremely hard on the rehab and trying to get ready to go.”

On his evaluation of Jason Campbell and why the team decided to trade for Donovan McNabb:

“He is with a different organization now, so I do not think it is fair to critique Jason. I can tell you that I do not think that I have been around a guy who I enjoyed more, that was classier, that understood we made a decision to go with Donovan. I think everybody understands why we went in that direction. We got an experienced quarterback that we thought could add to our football team. If Jason was here he was going to compete. Jason wanted to the opportunity to start for a football team and now he has that opportunity. I think it worked out good for Jason. It worked out good for us and we wish him well.”

On Tim Tebow going to Denver :

“You never know what is going to happen. I liked Tebow. I went down there and spent two or three days with him, two down there and he spent some time up here as well. I am pulling for him. He is a guy that it almost seems like it is too good to be true, he is too good of a guy, but he is that type of a guy. Those type of guys with that type of work ethic, that type of drive, you are always pulling for them.”

On if he is hesitant to use starters for kick and punt returns:

“I think if you look at most teams, you are going to play your best players. Your backups have to play those special teams roles or they are not backups. Usually if you have starters that are really quality starters, corner, wide receivers you are hoping that sometimes your third and fourth guy may be a starter in your substituted groups. You are going to try to put your best 45 players on the field to help you win. We are going to constantly do that and hopefully, we have a lot of guys who are starters that can help us in that area.”

Quarterback Donovan McNabb

On differences from the first mini-camp to this one:

“Sort of. I think everyone is getting their feet up under them, and have an idea about what we want to do as far as the offense is concerned, defense as well. As a veteran you kind of hate these kind of camps, but obviously when you’re in a new situation, you’re learning a new offense, a new scheme, it’s something that’s going to benefit us. We’re definitely taking advantage of the opportunity of being out here and running these plays.”

On Trent Williams:

“I thought he’s looked great. He’s a big guy with great feet, and that was kind of the rep coming out of college –very athletic kid, great size, excellent run and pass blocker. We’re definitely seeing it out here. He’s only going to get better. We’re all going to get better together, and he’ll be able to gain more and more confidence as we continue on.”

On his feelings when they drafted Williams:

“The guys that we had here, just from working out and training with these guys, and being out here on the field and watching them do individual work to perfect their craft, their confidence as well as our confidence in the backfield, we trusted in them. We knew that they would be able to get the job done. You always need depth at each position, and that’s not just at O-line, that’s at quarterback and running back as well. Anytime that you bring some new guys in, it’s a bonus.”

On Joey Galloway:

“The guy still can run. It is good that myself and Phillip Daniels aren’t the oldest ones on the team, but you know what, the thing about it is I think with the veteran leadership it will definitely help with the young guys that we have on this team of being able to set the tone and knowing that he’s been in certain situations and knows how to handle it. He’s learning just like we are in this offense and he has an opportunity to make some big plays for us.”

On the importance of competition for the young receivers:

“It’s very important. It’s important that they all get a feel, just like we’re getting a feel together. We’re communicating when we’re on the field, we’re communicating off the field, so it’s only going to help us. Not only in this camp, but in the OTAs that are coming up in the next couple weeks, which will lead us going into June and July. We’re just excited about the progress and we just want to make sure we try to stay consistent in some way.”

On what he has been doing to build chemistry with his teammates:

“It’s really a lot dealing with in the weight room, out here on the field running and spending time throwing after we run. Then what we’ll do is sometimes we’ll go to lunch and just kind of get together and get to know each other away from the game. I think that’s very important in everything that you do because that builds a lot of trust and a big bond for certain situations. These guys are willing to learn and they’re all willing to get better and I’m doing the same myself. That helps in so many ways.”

On Fred Davis and Chris Cooley:

“You’re talking about, as far as, the two tandem, I feel [they are] two of the best tight ends not only in the NFC, as far as a tandem is concerned, but up there in the league. Two athletic guys that can block as well as get out and catch the ball. The success that Houston had last year with Owen Daniels before he got hurt is something that we’d like to do in this offense, as well as what we did with Brent Celek, and what Dallas does with [Jason] Witten. When you have guys like that you want to get them an opportunity to make plays for you, and they definitely can do that.”

On tight ends Chris Cooley and if he is building chemistry with them:

“Absolutely. You’re talking about, as far as the tandem, two of the best tight ends, not only just in the NFC, but out there in the league. Two athletic guys that can block as well as get out and catch the ball. The success that Houston had last year with Owen Daniels before he got hurt is something we’d like to do in this offense, as well as what we did with Brent Celek, as well as what Dallas does with [Jason] Witten . When you have guys like that you want to give them an opportunity to make plays for you and they can definitely do that.”

Defensive Lineman Adam Carriker

On if he fits is better with the Redskins defense than he did with the Rams:

“I think so. My body type is more like a 3-4 end. I feel more comfortable doing that. I have been with Has (Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett) so that helped make the transition a little easier.”

On if he expected to be traded:

“I heard the rumors. I knew they had contacted the Rams. At the time, I just went to work and whatever happened, happened, but as soon as I got the news, I was real excited.”

On if wanted to play for a team that used a 3-4 front:

“It didn’t really matter at the time, but now that I’m here, I’m glad it is a 3-4.”

On when he was medically cleared to participate in offseason activities:

“They traded me, I flew in that day, did a physical and was cleared.”

On if he was cleared in St. Louis :

“I was doing everything. I hadn’t missed anything.”

On how he feels physically:

“I’m doing pretty good. Like I said, in St. Louis I was doing everything full speed and I’m doing the same thing here.”

On why he fits better in a 3-4 scheme:

“My body type is more of a 3-4 end, a longer-armed guy. Coming out of college that’s what a lot of guys saw me as. So it just kind of fits me physically.”

On if he felt stifled not being in a 3-4 scheme:

“No, I played a 4-3 in college. So it didn’t stifle me, no.”

On how comforting it is to re-join Jim Haslett:

“It’s very nice. I know Has. I worked with him for two years. He knows what to expect out of me, I know what to expect out of him. So it definitely makes the transition easier.”

On what the Redskins can expect from Jim Haslett:

“Has is a fiery guy. He loves the game. He’s very charismatic about the game. He’s just very excited and he’s going to get you excited to play.”

On how he felt he performed in St. Louis :

“I felt like when I was healthy I played well. Obviously, part of the time I wasn’t healthy so that’s what frustrated me. Now that I’m healthy I just want to do what I can do here.”

On if health issues held him back:

“I think so. If you’re not healthy, you can’t go 100 percent and there were some times I couldn’t even go. There was times I was playing when I probably shouldn’t have been playing, but I wanted to be out there. Like I said, when I was healthy I played well so I just want to stay healthy.”

On how much he heard fan criticism in St. Louis :

“It depended on who you talked to. Some people thought I played really well. When I was hurt some people said I was a bust. It depended on who you talked to. I got to be honest, during my rookie year when people were loving me, I didn’t listen to the people outside our football team because I don’t want to hear if it’s good or bad. I don’t pay attention to that. So when things all of a sudden went bad, I didn’t pay attention to that either.”

Linebacker Rocky McIntosh

On why he decided to attend this mini-camp:

“I came to play ball. It was time to come in.”

On if his contract is going to be a distraction:

“No, it doesn’t matter to me. I came out here to ball, and play football, which is what I love to do.”

On if he would change his decision to stay away from offseason activities before this mini-camp:

“That was in the past. Today is a new day. I am looking forward to the next day.”

On his role in the new Redskins defense:

“Not any different. At least we get more pressure now. That’s always good so we don’t have to just sit back and cover. We get a lot more pressure on the QB, so that’s good.”

On if thinks he can work out a new contract with the team:

“We have one more day of mini-camp so I am looking forward to that and that’s all I’m concentrating on.”

On catching up with the new scheme:

“I haven’t had to catch up. Like I said, I knew it. A little help with the guys, the coaches have been great, London ’s [Fletcher] been great, so it’s coming along pretty easy.”

On if he was prompted to come to mini-camp:

“It was time to come in and get to work.”

On the new coaching staff and rookies:

“We still got some of the regular guys here, but we got some rookies here. I took one under my belt, he’s from Virginia Tech (Nekos Brown). He’s a great dude too. He made a lot of plays in college. It’s great to be around these old and new guys.”

Tackle Trent Williams

On if he noticed a difference in an NFL practice compared to college:

“Definitely, the speed, there was no comparison.”

On how he thinks he handled it:

“I handled it ok. I still have some learning curve stuff I need to get out of the way, but it’s a progress.”

On if something happened to show him that speed:

“Yeah, when the ball was snapped and everybody was gone, I was still in my stance.”

On what snap that was:

“The first.”

On what happened after that:

“I made adjustments, but it was still fast. I got better acquainted with it today. I felt I did a lot better today.”

On if the game was even faster than he thought:

“Everybody told me that the game was faster. I was thinking when I came from high school, college ball was faster, but it wasn’t that fast. When I got here, I thought I’ll maybe adjust to it a little quicker than I did out of high school, but that really wasn’t the story.”

On what will be the key to adjusting to the speed of the game:

“Just reps. The more I do it, the better I get acquainted with it. Like I said, I think I did a lot better today.”

On what he has been doing since the draft:

“I got a playbook to study. They told me what to do to really be ready, but no workout can really compare to the speed difference. You just have to come in here and do it.”

On what it is like being back on the field after all the hype of the NFL Draft:

“I’m kind of waking up from that dream, but I have great teammates. Everybody took all the rookies in and embraced us. They are helping out a lot.”

On what it is like being in the huddle with Donovan McNabb:

“I kind of found myself in a trance sometimes, saying, 'dang, this is Donovan McNabb.’”

On the pressure of protecting Donovan McNabb against the likes of Trent Cole and DeMarcus Ware:

“I feel like I am ready for it. There is going to be pressure anywhere you go no matter what quarterback is there. It’s just a step up. I have to step my game up.”

On if he thought the team would ease him into the starting lineup a little slower:

“At first I did, but Coach (Mike) Shanahan called me like a week ago and told me, 'you’re a day one starter so you better get ready.’ I started trying to prepare myself, but like I said, nothing can really prepare you for what is about to happen.”
I wonder why it is that none of these rookies ever believes it when they're told the NFL game is a LOT faster than the college game. And WHY are they surprised when they find out the truth? Rookies......sheesh
On if he thought the team would ease him into the starting lineup a little slower:

“At first I did, but Coach (Mike) Shanahan called me like a week ago and told me, 'you’re a day one starter so you better get ready.’ I started trying to prepare myself, but like I said, nothing can really prepare you for what is about to happen.”

Well, that's definitely a shift in philosophy. I like it!
May 8, 2010

On if something happened to show him that speed:

“Yeah, when the ball was snapped and everybody was gone, I was still in my stance.”

On what snap that was:

“The first.”


These are my two favorite quotes of the day, and maybe the off-season!
Thanks for posting all that Boone. Sounds like things are off to a good start, with maybe one big, fat exception
Thanks for posting all that Boone. Sounds like things are off to a good start, with maybe one big, fat exception


OK I LOL'd.... But, the more we pile on the worse it gets. This offseason is going so well for a change....respectable, OK well just un-embarrassing?

This is the only thing anyone's got to piss & moan about so I refuse to worry about it until it actually gives me a reason to be actually worried.

Its one player out of 53 right? It could actually bring the rest of them together more.

I'm turning over a new leaf... optimism for respectability.:kick_can:

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