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Thoughts on who could win the division in 2013


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Each team has issues to deal with:

Redskins - RG3's knee, right tackle, D backfield, salary cap hit.

Cowboys - new defensive coordinator and a shift from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense.

Giants - cleaning house on the defense and more changes to come.

Eagles - new coach.

From my perspective, it looks like it will be a slug fest between us and the Giants because:

a. Cowboys - A shift from a 3-4 to a 4-3 takes time - different coach, players, scheme. Just look how long it took us to get into a decent 3-4.

b. Eagles - A new head coach means everything changes - offense, defense, and everything in between. I don't see a great roster on this team and they will be going through the same growing pains we did when Shanahan came to town.

C. Giants - I don't see their changes as being anything more than getting rid of dead wood; older players with big contracts that don't produce (sound familiar?).

So, the Giants and us will go through the least amount of changes.


It's really hard to even make guesses without seeing the draft and offseason acquisitions.

The eagles have a new coaching staff moving in and from what I can tell they aren't even sure if they want to keep vick or not. That said their team is nowhere near the disrepair the redskins were in when Shanahan took over. I don't expect it to take 3 years for them to contend for the playoffs like it did us. Their front office is still pretty good.

The giants have a quality organization from top to bottom and because of that they'll always be a possible contender. I used to take dumps on eli manning all day long - I was wrong, he's a much better QB than I ever gave him credit for. With Eli and that front office that team can be legit any given year.

Dallas - they have isolated talent but I don't see how they could compete for a super bowl. They just don't emit that 'good team' feel when I think about their organization. I thought the worst thing they could do was get rid of Phillips - I wanted him to stay there forever with Romo and be destined to mediocrity. But they replaced him with Garret, and I think he's worse - which is good for us. Of the NFC East the cowboys are the only organizationally-bankrupt of the 4. With Jerry calling the shots with no checks and balances that team is destined to mediocrity. They may win the division here and there, they may make the playoffs; they wont contend (legitimately) for a super bowl.

Redskins - I think Cousins is more than adequate as a backup, but this organization rises and falls with Griffin for the time being. I have to believe the 2013 season will show us returning more starters than we ever have under Shanahan - which is always a good thing. The drafts have been solid, and I think we're setting up to be much like the giants - not in the style or the type of people we have, but in the solid, consistent building of the team. I think we're going to be a respectable organization for the first time since the late 80's and very early 90's.

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