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this is the merriest damn christmas in almost 20 years


Nov 17, 2010
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I live in the warmest city in the coldest provinc
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We beat the Giants, Philly and soon to be cowpies, all during the holiday season, my birthday is the 29th, so I am going to watch the game at a buddies. He is a huge cowpies fan and I cant wait to rub it in.

I know we have holes, I know we have a bad defence that sometimes plays just good enough to give our Offence a shot at winning, and im ok with that, I am gonna enjoy this run as long as it lasts and then hope we fill holes and make the changes that make winning a superbowl something likely rather than an outside shot.

so thank you to all the fellow skins fans who have gone through some pretty lean times, lets all have a Merry Christmas and hopefully enjoy this new year.

oh p.s. Dallass sucks WE WANT DALLASS!
... uh ... did you get a visit from three ghosts last night or something?

(nothin but love, Ry. :D )
Who broke into your account?

Happy birthday, early. And Merry Christmas.
Next you're gonna tell us that you're really not Canadian and that you live somewhere in Florida!
Ive been slowly getting more excited despite myself, and I despise the cowpies almost as much as I love the skins, so this is literally the best possible scenario for me. as much as I dont like some of the decisions, I am loving that we have an offence, that we have a franchise qb and that we have a punchers chance in any game.

I may have had some very tasty eggnog though lol
I was going to say who are you and what have you done with Ry, but I was beaten to the obvious. ;) Glad to see it though, good vibes are nothing but contagious! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

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