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There Are No Quick Fixes


The All-Time Great
Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
this team could easily be 0-3 and is lucky the Chargers, Eagles and Cowboys are scheduled for later in the season.

because this team was dominated by the Lions today. there were no fluke plays, no tipped interceptions for a late touchdown or a bomb that cost the Redskins the game.

midway through the fourth quarter it was 19-7 Detroit and could have been worse if Stafford had hit Robinson on two key throws in Redskins territory.

the Redskins are in fact what they appear to be, a psychologically fragile team that does not handle adversity well and at the same time has an undercurrent of players with mileage on their bodies which leads to annual attrition from the roster.

so where do the Redskins go from here? where is the anchor?

it's certainly not Zorn. you don't go for a fourth down play in the first quarter because you are then telegraphing to our team that you don't have confidence in them to either get back down there or to stop the other team on defense.

you kick the 3 points and then turn to Blache and the defense and tell them to go out and earn their paychecks.

Zorn's panic though is translating straight through to the players.

The question is whether the team should be this fragile?

Ideally, the answer is no. But while the Redskins have added some players who have individual talent in Haynesworth and Hall, there are few identified vocal leaders on this team, guys that hold their teammates accountable for their performances.

And when Zorn shows his public lack of confidence in his quarterback (first quarter) and defense, that only adds to the burden for this fragile club.

The good news is that most of the injuries don't appear that serious, nobody was lost for the season.

At the same time, until somebody in this organization steps up and accepts responsibility for the fiasco and promises to fix it, expect more of the same.

Notice that Bill Parcells and Bill Bellichick teams don't have players that are spending time arguing with fans on Twitter or crying about media scrutiny on TV interviews.

At the same time I have seen Parcells step up after a bad loss and accepting responsibility and saying 'We as an organization stunk today' and 'one way or another we are going to get things fixed here, that I can promise you'.........

Who is doing that here?

Notice Jim Zorn has not done that. In the presser he was still defending his playcalling on fourth down instead of focusing on the larger issue of coming out flat and losing to a team that last won in 2007.

DC Greg Blache simply went out and said the Redskins should congratulate Matt Stafford on a nice game.

Isn't anyone around here ever going to say the buck stops with them?

Until that happens don't expect things to get better.
Zorn should be fired. The offense had the ball for a paltry 23 minutes. 23 MINUTES!!! Defense floundered, but they were on the field for nearly 40 minutes. Advantage to any offense in the league who has the ball for that long.

Ultimately, Zorn will be the fall guy, but Cerrato and Snyder are to blame. If we'd been stocking up on reserve OL through the draft the past few years instead of DBs and WRs, we'd be in okay shape right now. Instead, we've still got a retread OC who can't block worth a lick, an undrafted FA at RT trying his very best to stay afloat, a 3rd round pick at RG who probably should be a backup at best, and a FA at LG who can't pass protect. On the bench? Jesus, god forbid we have to go to the bench.
you can have the best talent but if the HC can't get the players to play together as a team you aren't going to win.

believe me, the players on any team are the first ones to see that a HC doesn't have it.

once that becomes the general feeling on the roster things go downhill quickly.

just look at Spurrier. the team was 7-9 in 2002, starting 3-0. by 2003, the team had fallen to 5-11 and lost 27-0 to the Cowboys around Thanksgiving.

Zorn is very close to the Spurrier-zone.

He is beginning to be tuned out by everyone - players, other coaches, media and fans alike.

The true 'Mr. Irrelevant'.
Yeah. I hate to say it, but 1-15 is NOT out of the question at this point.

The only answer is to fire Zorn now, and bring in someone new. Even then, I don't see this team getting more than 3-5 wins. Ugh.
I believe the talent to win is on this team. They are just hitting a perfect 10 on the dufus scale. A G.M., a Coach, and an owner not interfering. OT with our first pick in the draft (probably top 5 if Zorn is our coach for a full year), A OG in the second, and we have a superbowl run. I still think Jason is a decent QB, if given the right coach.
why settle for 'decent' though?

If the Redskins finish poorly and bring in a Shanahan or Holmgren I would hope their first move would be to secure the services of a quarterback that can be a consistent producer IN THE SYSTEM THEY ARE INSTALLING.

Gibbs retired precipitately in 2008 just as he did in 1993 and left the Redskins to find a Head Coach in a year where there were slim pickings in re proven commodities.

Now you have 3-4 Super Bowl coaches out there who are probably looking to get back in next year.

Zorn's contract expires at the end of the season.

So, really it's just a matter of putting up with 13 weeks of pain and suffering.

I didn't think anyone could reach Spurrier's level of running an Animal House operation but Zorn is getting close.
It needs to start with a GM.

A good one. One that is assured by the owner that said owner will disappear after the hire and let the GM do his job.

It's the only way
It needs to start with a GM.

A good one. One that is assured by the owner that said owner will disappear after the hire and let the GM do his job.

It's the only way

Agreed. Vinny may have done a fair job of evaluating talent lately but he's NOT a GM. Danny needs to get rid of his yes man, turn the operation over to a REAL GM and step away. He should simply sign the checks and stay away, a la Bob Kraft in New England.
Yeah. I hate to say it, but 1-15 is NOT out of the question at this point.

The only answer is to fire Zorn now, and bring in someone new. Even then, I don't see this team getting more than 3-5 wins. Ugh.

Can you say Tim Tebow. :anonymous: :help: I see where Cooley, Fletcher,
Samuels and others have come out in support of Zorn. Maybe this light a fire (albeit a little late) under them.
nice post, bulldog! there's no end in sight until snyder looks in the mirror and admits that it's time to turn the team over to a true general manager of football operations. but even after becoming the laughing stock of the league, only the fans have hit rock bottom, no one will be surprised if the danny continues to play fantasy football with this team.

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