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The Zombie Apocalypse is Here

That's some pretty scary ****, man. I mean, it's a little funny cause of the zombie thing, but also pretty damned scary. Drugs are getting crazier and crazier, gotta be careful...

Oh, I will now be working on my cardio fitness more. Thanks.
And yes, its definitely scary, even if its not zombies. I mean, the fact that this type of sickness actually exists that causes someone to go crazy and eat another person's face...WOW. I would have not thought this type of craziness existed in the world if I hadn't just read about it.
Before I even heard the details, I knew it had to be Florida.
Alternatively, there's this:

You guys joke around all you want but I am getting prepared.

Let he who hasn't munched a little on someone else's face cast the first stone's what I always say.
Zombie's mom thinks the cops could have tased him.

I can't even imagine rolling up on that!

Plus the guy is probably going to survive.
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Don't you have to cut off a zombie's head to kill them?
Plus the guy is probably going to survive.

Can't wait to hear his version of the story.

"Well, I was sittin there mindin my own business, eatin a bologna sandwich.....when this other homeless guy comes up and says, 'I havnt eaten in days, mind if I have a bite ?'. So I hold out the sandwich towards him, and he lunges toward my face and starts munching on it. First thing he bit off was my eyes, which pissed me off, cuz I couldn't see my sandwich to aim it toward my mouth. Then he bites off my lips, so I couldn't even eat my own bologna sandwich !"

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