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The who has been cut thread - (merged)

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Oct 1, 2009
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First one to get the bad news...

Rock Cartwright - via Rick Maese twitter.
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R. Thomas, Randel El, Carwright cut...more coming?


Also, the Redskins have released Antwaan Randle El, the slot receiver and primary punt returner

League source says G Randy Thomas has also been released. Thomas was at Redskins Park today for Chris Samuels' retirement press conference

RB Rock Cartwright will be released, according to league source
I liked Randy Thomas. Good warrior for a long while

El was the epitome of the danny/vinny mentality. A "big" name that never fit and got paid too much.

A certain Blond member here is going to be very mad at the new coaching staff:paranoid:
I just read this and was getting ready to post.

Well...thanks to Cartwright for being a good Redskin. Didn't have the most talent, but his heart more than made up for it.

Have to show some love for Randy Thomas, as well. He was a good guy and sure a good locker room leader. You had to love his personality. Age and injuries caught up to him.

Randel El is no surprise and feel very few will miss him.

And they keep coming. Now Griffin has been released. Might have to replace the hinges on door at Redskin Park

"DT Cornellius Griffin has also been released. It's not clear if they're done, but they're running out of players..." Quote from Rick Maese
I keep picturing Shanny dressed up like Steve Martin in the old "Medieval Doctor" SNL skit, looking at the team....

"What you need is a good bleeding.."
In all the rumors about those that may be cut, I never remember hear anyone mention Sellers. Do you think he is safe? Or will he be voted off the island as well?
In all the rumors about those that may be cut, I never remember hear anyone mention Sellers. Do you think he is safe? Or will he be voted off the island as well?

He needs to be put on double secret probation. If he can't find his blocking form from two years ago, then boot his ass
According to Maese, the Redskins have saved $12 million so far - and that is not counting what is saved with Samuels retiring.

Could be a busy first night/day in FA.
I can only imagine what this roster will look like by this time tomorrow.

Blondie...sorry for the bad news. Group hug for Blondie..:grouphug:
Man, what a bloodbath today. Can't say I'm sad to see Randle-El go or most of the others, but Cartwright is the epitome of a Redskin in my opinion, a really hard worker and special teams standout. Sad to see him go!
I can see Cartwright being brought back at a reduced price. Guys like Carlos need to shut up and be thankful they received a tender. Being released as a FA doesn't mean a big pay day. With Carlos stone cold hands guess he could get a job at Cold Stone serving ice cream.
Rock just let loose on Portis on 106.7

Nothing we didn't already know, just confirming Portis doesn't pratice when his mangina hurts.

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