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The Super Bowl

Yeah, they really had a chance to take control and they did nothing.
We talk about Tress Way being a great punter, but wow these SB are amazing.
Is Eric Bieniemy calling plays for the 49ers in the 2nd half? 6 passes called and zero runs. That's with the lead too.
KC has warmed up to the task.
Kickers, punters, and gunners are the stars of the show so far tonight.
They are doing what they have to do to stay in the game. They stay at 7 or under and they can strike at any time.

As I was saying...
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Mistakes - the story of this game.
That and teams getting away from their identity. 49ers are a running team but not in n the second half.
This the sloppiest game by both teams I can remember for some time.
Man, 2nd down throw there near the goal line was not a call I liked by KC, especially after Pacheco got rolling a bit in that series. To follow it up going empty set on third down may have been worse. Reid might be kicking himself. Let's see how this plays out...
This hasn't been the prettiest game, but it's looking like an exciting ending.

Nantz of course says this has lived up to the billing. No Jim, it has not.
Kicker for MVP? Either team
Jennings if it's SF. Not sure who on KC. I guess it would have to be 2 FGs for Butker for him to win it.

Edit: Butker is now in position to win the MVP if KC is able to win. I can't see how any other play can win it unless someone makes a herculean play.
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SF doing the damage right behind Williams.
KC is always so dangerous. It's like they can do what they want, when they want. They did nothing early and SF made too many mistakes. They could have taken control and never did. Credit to KC for making the plays to win.
I started my own drinking game during the broadcast. Drink every time Romo said spatial awareness or leverage.

I will be crawling to bed now.

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