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The Super Bowl

Young is playing well so far. Maybe he just needed a coach to call him out and not pamper him.
McCaffrey is a beast.
Lol. Crazy play.... looked like it wouldn't end well at first...
That's definitely one of those plays we try and it ends up in disaster.
10 point leads are chump change in the NFL. It would be nice to see an NFL team take a lead and actually close it out instead of collapsing as we so commonly see.
KC needs to get back to being okay with getting 3 or 4 yards on first down. They have done that throughout the playoffs and that has helped the offense get back on track to an extent. Use Pacheco to your advantage.
Pacheco is so good he can turn a game around almost on his own.
I think KC has to get points here, even if it's just a FG. They get the ball coming out of the half, so they could be potentially tied early in the 3rd quarter. So this drive is huge to get something on the board.
I want to take this opportunity to be the 1st old white man to complain about the halftime show. 😉
Normally I'm holding out for another wardrobe malfunction. But Usher.... ewwww....
San Fran playing soft on this last drive is going to cost them.
I want to take this opportunity to be the 1st old white man to complain about the halftime show.
My wife will probably want to watch it. So I'll just go upstairs, go to the bathroom, cut my hair, pretty much do anything else I need to do tonight.
SF has got to feel sick. The only thing keeping them from being up by 20 is themselves.
Agree Bob. They've dominated this game everywhere except on the scoreboard. Huge test coming in the 2nd half. Its theirs to take. I think they are clearly the better team but that means nothing if you can't put up the numbers on the scoreboard.
Well, that HT show will be forgotten by the beginning of the 4th Qtr.
I'm not saying it's over but you can see over from here if you look for it.
Terrible series after a turnover.

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